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Botswana Re-opens Hunting
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From: Spiral Horn

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Don’t be surprised with the surge of anti hunting stories we’re all seeing in the media lately. Much of it is a mad-scramble backlash to Botswana reopening hunting and allocating hunting concessions. A few years back the government of Botswana was promised the world by very well funded anti groups that Eco-tourism would supplant hunting both in economic benefits and wildlife management (not to mention rumored huge bribes to those deciding). Well, it was a Wildlife Management disaster and the locals petitioned the government to bring back hunting as it was much better for managing wildlife and bringing money into the local community (something Eco-tourism doesn’t do). Anyway, it is an African Hunting Good News Story that tells the truth about hunting’s key role in wildlife conservation and help to local communities. Attached is a great article that includes Botswana’s official statement. What is very telling are all the anti’s efforts in response, screaming, bad taste hunting photos and other propaganda, and efforts to lobby governments to ban trophy imports - don’t take my word for it, just google the reopening of hunting in Botswana. Anyway it’s a very good news story for Hunting.

From: Beav
Great post!!

Good news. Personally I love to hunt and will still go for the experience even if I could never bring back “trophies “ .

From: drycreek
Even though I’m not mad at any elephants, I’m glad that Botswana has come to its senses on elephant hunting. I think it’s been proven time and again that you can’t stockpile wild animals, only do your best to manage them. The antis will never be satisfied until lions and elephants are roaming the streets of Nairobi and Joburg or cougars and wolves in the streets of San Fran or NYC. Good article, and thanks for the link.

I am actually on my way there this coming Friday morning. I will let you know how it goes.

From: Slate
Great post

From: Spiral Horn
Great Steven - please let us know how your hunt goes

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