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Good CO OTC units for pronghorn ?
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3under 21-Jul-19
whacknstack 30-Jul-19
TreeWalker 30-Jul-19
3under 09-Aug-19
wildwilderness 09-Aug-19
Franklin 09-Aug-19
From: 3under
Hey guys I just moved to Gunnison Colorado and was hoping someone could give me some info on some OTC units close to home here for pronghorn or even a unit that usually has alot of leftover tags. Thanks Tom.

From: whacknstack
I messaged you

From: TreeWalker
You can also be on the look out for tags turned back in from tag holders.

From: 3under
Thanks Treewalker ..will do.

Most of them are east of you. The best unit is the one you can get access to private with water. Start knocking doors.

From: Franklin
There was a sponsor (I believe) that was just looking for some hunters at a great price. Look down the page a bit.

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