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bighorn 21-Jul-19
Oryx35 21-Jul-19
Ucsdryder 21-Jul-19
Huntcell 21-Jul-19
Franklin 21-Jul-19
midwest 22-Jul-19
From: bighorn
Anyone use the IQ Bowsight with the rangefinder. Is it accurate, and is it legal?

From: Oryx35
Legal depends on the state. Pope and Young does not consider it within the pillars of fair chase.

From: Ucsdryder
Orxy, I think you’re confusing the IQ with the Garmin?

From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
IQ range finding bowsite
Huntcell 's embedded Photo
IQ range finding bowsite

Huntcell 's Link
IQ has a range finder built into one of its models.

It does not have a dot that changes for the yardage as does the Garmin or Burris.

The later will be game changers and P&Y and the rest of the states will eventually get on board

From: Franklin
That looks like a range finder attached to a sight....not sure why this is any different than a hand held one. Does the appropriate pin light up in accordance to the range?

A friend has the Garmin and was told by a Colorado outfitter to leave it at home, he can`t use it.

From: midwest
The difference is you can range the animal at full draw and if he moves, you can range him again. I believe it's set up so you put your top pin on the animal to range.

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