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From: Big Fin

Big Fin's embedded Photo
Big Fin's embedded Photo

Big Fin's Link
At the link below is a new film we premiered this week at the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky, Montana. The story is about people who do for conservation in a manner as the name suggests; selfless advocates for wild places and wild things.

Planning for this project started in July 2017. Two years later and five trips to Nevada, it is finally ready to go.

This is a story about average people doing extraordinary work on behalf of wild things, in this case, wild sheep. They give selflessly of their time and talent, not knowing who might benefit from their work. To them, it matters not what people benefit, for they know the wild sheep and other wildlife will benefit.

The older guys in this film are some of the first generation to start putting water on the landscape with man-made guzzlers. They didn't have a blueprint to follow, rather used hard work, trial and error, and determination to figure it out. As a result, Nevada went from less than 3,000 desert bighorns in 1989 to over 12,000 in 2019. A remarkable accomplishment in just thirty years.

Thanks to these volunteers who let us impose on them and their work. Few of the people we interviewed have ever drawn a sheep tag. Most have said it doesn't really matter. They continue to do this work as part of their passion for conservation. These are remarkable volunteers who have found a way to help wildlife with their time and talent. This same story exists in so many places for so many different species, where similar-minded volunteers do what they can, with what they have, to make a better place for the wild things they love.

Also, a big thanks to Wild Sheep Foundation, Mystery Ranch, and the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn. Without all of them, the story would not have been told.

And if you are a volunteer in the conservation arena, whether its your time, your talent, or your treasure, a big "Thank You" from our crew.

Wow, awesome story and video. I had no idea what you did. What huge undertakings! Thanks to all of you!

From: Nick Muche
Excellent video Randy!

From: Kurt
Very good film! Amazing NV was able to quadruple sheep numbers in 30 years! Outstanding results to say the least.

That was a great video... thank you. Ed F

Cant wait to watch it. You make some really great pieces Randy. Is it on Amazon and YouTube?

From: Big Fin
It is on both. The link in the original post is YouTube.

Well done and a great story of success.

Thanks for sharing the link

Good luck, Robb

From: Treeline
Great success story for sure! Great video documenting that story Randy!

Thank you!

From: Hawkeye
Awesome and inspiring!

WOW, what an amazing story. Props to all you men and women. That's America right there. Selfless, a word more of us should live by. Thanks for sharing Randy.

From: Brotsky
This was awesome Randy! So many good people out there making a difference that don't feel the need to blow their own horn, just doing it for conservation. Thanks for sharing this with us!

From: dirtclod Az.
Great Stuff Randy thanks to all who volunteer. I volunteer for the Good Gun Club,Cleaning up where weekend hunters sport shoot and leave all thier T.V.s Refrigerators used as targets. City supplies Front Loaders and dumpsters.Free lunch and Tee shirts.

From: Shiras42
Out-freaking-standing! Wish it was longer. That could be a full length movie that I could watch over and over. :)

Hunting IS conservation!

From: Photohunter
Thank you Randy for shining a light on this. I'm lucky enough to have won a fundraiser sheep tag this year and my research has educated me a little on this subject. Coincidentally, I just watched your Nevada sheep episode this morning while on the treadmill. The dedicated people that build and maintain these guzzlers and the conservation organizations that do all the work deserve to be congratulated for the outstanding results their efforts have produced. These people are truly conservation heroes!

From: NVBighorn
Great video Randy. I know a few of the people you showcased. Ed Pribyl is one of the neatest guys I have ever met and still a lot of fun and help on a project. Excellent people and a great success story. Some really good examples of conservation and what it means.

From: bowslam
Eddie Pribyl is a founding member of the Fraternity of Desert Bighorn and is still a member of the Board. I think he's around 81 years young and has been on more sheep harvest than just about any other guide in Nevada. Matt Blackburn is the current President of the Fraternity. Matt is a real gentleman and in my experience will help anyone regarding Desert sheep in Southern Nevada.

From: Kurt
The banquet that the Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn held just prior to the sheep class and opening day of sheep season was a really nice event. I had my non-resident DB tag way back in ‘91 and it appears some of the same guys were around then.

There was also a guzzler in the Mormon Mts that the sheep visited that I think was installed by the Frat.

From: Pat Bischoff
Excellent video Randy.

From: wild1
Enjoyed that - well done!

From: Mark Watkins

Thank you Randy and all that made this happen!!


From: midwest
Loved it, Randy...thanks!

Love seeing stuff like this! Well done, Randy, and all that made this happen.

From: Fauntleroy
Great video Randy! Thanks for sharing.

From: Hancock West
True conservation at its best. Glad you put a spot light on this Randy. Thanks for sharing

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