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bighorn 24-Jul-19
IKE220 25-Jul-19
Robear 25-Jul-19
Franklin 25-Jul-19
LKH 27-Jul-19
Franklin 27-Jul-19
Trial153 27-Jul-19
LesWelch 30-Jul-19
PMcGee 01-Aug-19
From: bighorn
Anyone use or have info on this rest?

From: IKE220
I put one on my hunting bow. It's a quality rest like all of HHA products. Easy setup, no problems. A bonus is they donate to Vets.

From: Robear
I have one on my bow, along with the Optimizer Lite slider. While elk hunting last fall I inadvertently gave them, along with my new Hoyt bow, an impromptu stress test by tumbling them down a steep bank of granite rocks. I was stunned that the only damage was that my kisser had slipped on the string. It pays to buy good stuff.

From: Franklin
The creator of HHA just passed a few weeks ago....a quality American company.

I am going to check out this rest as this is the first I heard of it.....thanks.

From: LKH
What's a Virtus?

From: Franklin
Go to HHA website....the thing they do for our Veterans is worth buying their products. The rest is a dropaway similar to a QAD and the name is tied to some Greek wording that ties back to their helping with Veterans. A very cool American company.

From: Trial153
I set a couple up, they seem decent. I had questions about bounce back however I couldn’t see anything conclusive. I wouldn’t be afraid to use one. I have had such good luck with QAD that-its hard for me to switch

From: LesWelch
I’ve got it setup on 5 bows this year. Great luck with them. Easy to tune. No bounce back. Very solid internal spring. Very happy with them.

From: PMcGee
I’ve had one on my bow since they first came out with no problems.

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