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Aubs8 25-Jul-19
Pop-r 25-Jul-19
Junior 25-Jul-19
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Elite 1 25-Jul-19
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ELKMAN 26-Jul-19
From: Aubs8
Hi Folks. Which remote, wireless camera systems provide the best value?

Thanks. Mike

From: Pop-r
I'm looking at some new Moultrie ones now. I've been running Covert but I'm having problems way too much for cameras that cost more than twice the new competition.

From: Junior
Seems like they all have their occasional bug...some more than others. I'm interested in knowing which works the best ? I want a couple just for home security when we are away from home.

From: Chris S
I have been using a spartan fir 3 years with no problems. It’s $5 a month on my Verizon plan. I waited 10 years for a WI bear tag and an 5 hours south of my hunting property so it was an awesome tool to see when my neighbor was home and able to help with bait site and have an idea if which bears were coming in at what time. Worked great for me.

From: Elite 1
I run 3 Moultrie have had very good luck with them very good customer service. One I would stay away from is spy point camera, customer service sucks.

From: boothill
Bigfoot cameras are a great value for sure. I'm running mine as a normal trail camera as I don't have cell service where we run cameras. But my friends who run them in the mountains with service love them. Call Western Recreation in Poncha Springs, CO and talk to Morgan and she will get you hooked up.

From: Rupe

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Junior for home security try the Arlo Cameras.

From: Junior

Agree with Elite1 on the Spypoint stuff, absolute garbage product, and the worst customer service I've ever seen. I have never owned a camera with the wireless. But I think I might get one eventually.

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