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From: GBTG
What ya using at elevation for sunscreen.... I've had issues in the past.

From: Castle Oak
GBTG, I use sunscreen most days of my life. I live and work on the coast of NC so it's a must when working outside plus I'm fair skinned and have already had several skin cancers removed. I use Banana Boat Sport 30 spf. I have tried the 50 spf but I can't tell any difference. I put it on and let it dry in before dressing and it stays most of the day. Very sweat proof and waterproof once dry. I will reapply around the face if I sweat much. I tried generics but have not gotten the performance I need.

From: elkstabber

elkstabber's Link
Man, I've worn a lot of sunscreen when I was fishing tournaments. Also had a cancerous lump removed from my shoulder a few years ago. The only way to apply a sunscreen is right after you step out of the shower because that's the only way that it gets a chance to absorb into your skin.

But, I really hate the slimy and stinky feeling of wearing it. I would strongly suggest that you use a cover up instead of sunscreen for hunting. No more stinky, slimy feeling. Plus, when I've hunted high country deer there wasn't a good way to stay clean so the sunscreen would have limited usefulness.

Here is a link to some cover ups.

From: GBTG
My biggest issues involve my lips, nose and ears. Anybody know of a scent free alternative.

Might not worry about ‘Scent free’...Unless you’re rifle hunting, if you don’t play the wind, it doesn’t matter what you use or wash in...JMO

From: Brotsky

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A good chapstick will cover your lips. There are several option for your face and ears. I like this one from Nutrogena. I wear it all the time fishing in the summer when I remember anyway and it works great with no slimy feeling.

From: JL

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From: Bou'bound
What brand you guys runnin’

I use it every day,,, retired, still work for the conservation unit, presently working on invasive species etc,,,, I go to Wal Mart, and buy the 70 stuff, in a stick per my dermotoligist,,,,, and yes one incident with skin cancer

From: Pig Doc

From: Franklin
I agree with using a coverup vs. sunscreen when hunting. A mesh baclava and a hat will cover everything on your head and use lightweight gloves.

From: Pop-r
Sure doesn't take long to burn up there!

Bet you weren’t expecting all the ‘wear hats and long sleeved shirts’ from everyone, eh? ??

To answer your question directly, I’ve used Z Block on my ears and nose in the high country with good results.

From: BowmanMD
I treat skin cancer every day for a living, so I’m a big advocate of sunscreen. That being said, as a hunter, I have the same concerns that you do with scent. There are no specific product lines out there that I am aware of that are marketed directly to hunters. However, any of the major brand sunscreens will work. My personal favorites are Neutrogena and Laroche, although they are a bit more pricey. All you need is SPF 30. The higher SPF may protect for slightly longer, but it is minimally better than SPF 30 as far as blocking UV. If you are concerned about scent control, then finding one with only mineral blockers instead of all of the chemical blockers would be a good option. There are several options that just contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide without all of the extra chemicals. And as was said above, I also try to use more clothing than sunscreen, i.e. hats, buffs, light gloves, light long sleeves, etc. High altitude sun is intense, so protection is super important. You can burn really quick up there!

From: JL
A FWIW thought to add....if you're hunting in snow or ice (or flat water) on a bright day, the bottom of everything may get burned....eye brows, under your nose, chin, ears, etc. I got cooked on the ice cap in Greenland once. Also good shades to protect your eyes.

From: willliamtell
Best screen I've found is Anthelos 60 by Laroche Posay. Absorbs very nicely. Too effing expensive, but worth it imo. Have to buy it online. Neutragena face and hands is decent too.

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