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9 pts in WY for elk....can get another.
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From: jordanathome
So I didn't buy points every year and only have 9 for elk in WY. I can buy another this year.

Not sure if there are any units where I can cash in and get my moneys worth out of these points for archery elk.

WY system makes my head hurt. I am still butt hurt that they passed an outfitter job protection law that outlaws non-res from hunting in wilderness areas without an outfitter.

PM me if you have any suggestions on units to consider for next Jan draw cycle for 10 non-res points.

I am not interested in paying extra for the special draw either. 'spensive enuf as is......


From: Whip
You're in the middle. There are good tags you could draw without buying more points, including a general tag. Some of the better, or at least more in demand, units you would need all of your points. Others are probably out of reach for you in the foreseeable future. The catch is that points required to draw the better units keeps going up every year so if you don't keep buying points every year the points that you do have get less and less valuable. I'm in about the same point pool as you, so I'm not inclined to point people to the units I might be looking at. Sorry about that, but with some research on your own you can find all of the same information that I have.

From: Brotsky
38-9 is a possibility, but not sure it's worth the points it costs. You're kind of in no man's land and would be surprised frankly if you ever caught up based upon WY's creep. Your best bet is to burn them and then just get a general tag every couple years and keep hunting CO in between.

From: buzz mc
I'm in the same boat as you. I'm seriously thinking about just getting a General tag with some buddies that don't have points and going and having some fun next year.

From: Trial153
I think 38/9 is expensive for what it is considering you can draw 37/9 in the special draw with a single point. that coming from what I seen there last fall.

You'd be crazy to not buy a point for your app next year. It's only $50. That's not even a tank of gas in the truck. Unless you're just going to burn them on a gen tag, but you'd be crazy to do that too.

From: osage
Moose points are now $150. You could spend $3000 and never catch up. I'm at 10 points for elk, deer and antelope and looking to quit this silliness asap.

From: Shrewski
Find a friend who wants to hunt elk and split your points with him on a general unit. Better to have too many points than too little.

From: Junior
I'm not a guided hunt fan but if you want to get the most out of those points you may consider a guided private land hunt.

From: Corn bore
You get one chance each year to buy a point. You only live so long then you dead. BUY THE STINKING OVERPRICED POINT. Consider it a donation to charity. Unless you are planing to just hunt general .....oh hell just buy it.

From: Firsty
If your really that serious about it you should probably just stick with unit 34 in Co.....

From: Hessticles
I cashed in 8 points last year on a 2-3 point unit haha

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