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Idaho Spring Black Bear
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Jakeemt 26-Jul-19
Jakeemt 27-Jul-19
Coyote 65 27-Jul-19
From: Jakeemt
Looking for a backpack spring black bear hunt in Idaho and sure of the best places to go. Does anyone have any experience with this and mind sharing some tips as to the where and when. I have looked into frank church and gospel hump but it sounds like these units are crazy hard to get to most years do to the snow pack.

From: Jakeemt

From: Coyote 65
Hunted 2 years ago near Sand Point. Spot and stalk. And used dogs in the units that allow dogs. Dogs were a bust, as they would run a bear, it would run in a big circle and then slip the dogs.

Spot and stalk was more productive, Walk the logging roads, in the afternoon, evenings. Saw bear, including the most gorgeous cinnamon sow with 3 cubs, one black, the other two cinnamon. Spotted a chocolate boar across a valley, and by the time I got to where he had been feeding could not locate again.

Spring, last week in May. Units 2,3 and I believe 5.


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