Tight Spot Quivers
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From: nockup
Are the new ozonic gizmos worth the amount of money being asked?

I do not think so.... I also think all the sprays are a waste of money..... I do use Carbon Synergy, because I can mix it cheap, and it gives me a little advantage, but you either have the wind or not....

Mike Carney from Bowhunter TV, or American Archer guy, I am sure all nice guys, but I can tell you there not paying for it....

Earth to Mars,,, its not so much how you hunt, but where you hunt

From: Scott/IL
I have used one deer hunting a few times. It is not fool proof, and the deer definitely smell something, but usually they are not alarmed enough to booger out of there. Milkweed experiments while using it showed that they should be catching my wind.

Necessary? Of course not

Does it work? I’ve seen enough to say yes

Worth the money? That’s up to you

From: GLP
I use a Whitetail R 50 unit in the back of my truck with a cap. I keep my outer layers in there and truly believe in it. However it is harmful to breath, so I don’t want to use the ozonics. Look up O3 or ozone and there is tons of info out there showing the positives and the negatives. Then make up your own mind. Greg

I bought one slightly used last year and used it all last season. IMO....... It works and im glad i bought it. As for cost, that is up to you to decide. You can get a good deal on a used one over on AT if you keep watch.

If you don't take care of the rest of your gear from a scent standpoint I wouldn't spend the money as it is to much to overcome. If you take good care of gear/ clothes I think its helpful and may be worthwhile to look at.

From: Bowboy
Question how did the Johnson buck get killed back in the day? Personally think it's another gadget to get hunters money.

From: greg simon
To answer your question directly: In my opinion, no.

As time goes by the less gadgets and gizmos I carry to the field with me, the more I enjoy my time there. To each his own. Have a good hunt!

I bought a commercial 6000mg unit off Amazon for like 69 bucks and it really puts out the ozone. I had been using a beehive smoker in a cloth portable closet in my 24x30 garage to smoke my clothes for a cover scent. I had just smoked my clothes the day before I got the unit and it was pretty smoky in the garage so I thought I'd just plug it in and see what it would do in the closet for 30 minutes. I was amazed when I opened the door to the garage and couldn't smell any smoke! I don't see the model I bought bet here's a few oin the price range; https://www.amazon.com/s?k=enerzen+commercial+ozone+generator+6000&crid=5BOKR5YV0PNA&sprefix=enerzen+6000+ozone+generator%2Caps%2C238&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_28 I also bought the Ozonics Radial B 400 last fall for the wife to try in the stand as she was having a bit of bad luck. It works good also and they are on sale at Bass Pro for $149.99 so I ordered another one for myself for this year. The battery is rechargeable and last about 8 hours. A year later on the wife's and it is still holding a full charge.

The smoke was really getting to me and just couldn't stand the smell any longer even though I had some great encounters with 2 coyotes and a buck I took.

From: badguybuster
I used one of the ozone bags. You put your gear in and it has a small unit that "ozonates" whatever is in the bag. I am very pleased with it.....but is it better than using a bee smoker and wood pellets....I dont think so

From: Shawn
I use a commercial unit to treat my clothes and gear, it can be hell on elastic and some rubber. 6000mg is nothing but may work in an enclosed blind or where there is no wind. I 100 percent believes it works but under the right conditions. Shawn

From: 12yards
I am hunting this fall with guys that swear by the Scent Crusher bags and Ozonics units. I'm going to try the Scent Crusher bag, but I can't afford an Ozonics too.

From: loprofile
I always treat my HECS suit in an Ozonics unit. The spray with Scent Away.

From: Slate
Gimmick gimmick gimmick

Purchased on 2 years ago from field and stream... told salesman I was weary about this product.... said if it didn’t work ring back for full refund.... Boone county late season I used it .... yearlings came in and fed slightly down wind but were tense.... with them in and feeding other mature deer started to come in.... once they caught scent line in wind.... mature deer were gone! Then the Yearling went off.

2 days later tried again with season almost out trying to harvest a certain big deer.... watched him make his way to feeding station I had set up (5 degree weather) once he crossed scent line in wind, no second guessing.... he was gone.

Using ground blind with down wind side slightly open and ozonics in shooting hole.

Fooled yearlings enough to feed with serious caution but not in Any the more mature deer.... when they left they were a bit confused it seemed but wouldn’t come back in.

Took back to field and stream and got my 400 plus back.

The bottom line is, and it will always be, no one, nor Gidget, nor sent product will for a mature whitetails nose.... No way. Same way with big bear.

Hunt the wind right and stay as clean as you can.

Here’s a tip I have found over the years that I truly believe makes a difference at times, most of us will use under arm odorless deodorant.... this may sound a little odd, but put some on your two fingers and rub it behind your ears.

From: TEmbry
I bought one this past winter for spring grizzly bear baits since they have a nose a whitetail only dreams of.... ironically the night I shot one was the first night of the season I hunted without one. They clearly don’t work.

From: sitO
I just wear a tinfoil hat...I can make you one for 3 simple installments of $49

From: 12yards
Toppitbull, I experienced the same thing in a ground blind with an ozonics. I'm not a believer. Deer came out into the field downwind, but on full alert and fed away from me.

From: Franzen
They are worth at least 10x as much as the current price point.

From: BowSniper
I like an ozone generator for the truck cab - plus my hunting gear getting a dose on the drive out.

But not a believer in the larger more expensive units in the tree. If the wind is in your face, won't all that ozone be drifting behind you and away from your shooting lanes and the deer???

From: Timbrhuntr
Same posts every year they suck no they are great blah blah blah.

I have one and like my thermacell in the spring I never leave home without it in the fall !

From: swampokie
They r most effective when paired with a cough silencer and a HECS suit.

Run one against the back of your hand for a couple minutes and then smell your hand after 20 minutes. You will still smell the ozone because it sticks and kills bacteria. Don't count it out as a gimmick. They use the commercial units for a reason and it works to kill odors.

From: jingalls
Always interesting to read comments about this subject. As some have stated...if you are not extremely careful with your odor control don’t get one. It is absolute scientific fact that they work. That said, it is a tool and if you do not use it correctly it won’t work just like any other tool. You will need to learn how to use one.

The deer and other game will smell it. They will be aware that something is there. They just won’t turn inside out and blow and run. It will give you that little edge that may be what you need to kill your target animal.

i have 2 in my pack at all times with extra batteries for both

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