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Inreach questions...
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coelker 29-Jul-19
Chief 419 29-Jul-19
JohnMC 29-Jul-19
Nick Muche 29-Jul-19
Ucsdryder 29-Jul-19
From: coelker
So my wife and I have been using the Rhino 650. Love the radio and GPS updates. However she is interested in texting.

Can the inreach also talk to other GPS? Will it interface with the rhino at all. The rhino can send text messages but it is cumbersome

From: Chief 419
Your InReach will text with any other cellular device. Most people download the EarthMate App and can text from their phone just like any other text conversation. You pair your I-Phone with your InReach.

From: JohnMC
I just looked at this as next week on my sheep hunt we will have a rhino and inreach. Best I can tell that won’t “talk” to each other.

From: Nick Muche

From: Ucsdryder
Nope. You both need an inreach

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