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Grim reaper vs muzzy
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KSArcher06 31-Jul-19
stick n string 31-Jul-19
Schmitty78 31-Jul-19
Franklin 31-Jul-19
Dyjack 02-Aug-19
From: KSArcher06
Hey guys I’ve shot grim reaper razor tips the last few years and they’ve been good heads but I was recommended the muzzy trocar hybrid by a local bow shop. My question is who has used them both and which one got better penetration and which one did you like better? This year I’ll be hunting antelope and deer with them

Ive been told that the trocars are INCREDIBLY tough. I dont know first hand, ive never held one. But i know some guys at the local pro shop that do “torture tests” and the trocar was supposedly impressive.

From: Schmitty78
I have not tried the Grim Reapers but did try the muzzys last season. I’ve killed a couple doe and a bunch of small game with them, they seem really tough so far and fly very well!

From: Franklin
You could use virtually any broadhead on Pronghorn and deer. Which ever flies the best out of your bow and you are most accurate with is the right one.

From: Dyjack
I've only heard good things about both.

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