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Flying to Namibia with Firearms
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Bud Meadows 08-Nov-19
Flying to Namibia next spring, have several people in our group taking rifles, they heard that getting rifles to Namibia can be tough through certain connecting airports, mainly Johannesburg. Anyone have any experience?

From: archer
Your Outfitter should be providing you with all the details you need to make a successful trip. If he doesn't, I would not put much faith in him.

From: Bake
There are several companies that specialize in traveling with guns. I would recommend calling them. I’ve dealt twice with Steve Turner with Travel with Guns, and I highly recommend. Steve helped me out pretty big on a Russian hunt last year, where some flights were missed. Saved the whole hunt, actually. And answered his cell phone at 3 a.m. and stayed up until he was sure it ironed out.

Call Steve, or email him. He’ll steer you in the right direction

From: Firehuntfish
If you are transiting through Jo'burg, you will need an in-transit permit to pass through RSA with your rifles. You can do this on your own, but with an assist service, you can expect to be in and out in less than 10 minutes in most circumstances.... For many years, we have recommended the services of to our clients to assist with the process. You can contact the owner, Henry at Henry or one of his professional staff will assist in preparing your pre-arrival paperwork and then they will personally meet & greet you in the airport and literally walk you through the process. Every client that has ever used Henry's company said it was well worth the money for both the convenience and the peace of mind. There are other assist services that also do a good job with this including the Africa Sky Guesthouse and the Afton Safari Lodge.

From: Habitat
Use someone like travel with guns ,way worth it and also make sure the paperwork is filled out right,I also had to get some paperwork from the airline but that was several years ago

From: Buffalo1
US > Frankfort> Windhoek

Do a day “layover” in Frankfort. I traveled Delta and Air Namibia. Airport in Windhoek is much better organized and friendlier than JoBurg.

From: Rossi
I would echo Buffalo1's comment. If this route is still available, it was super easy. Get a day room in Frankfort and get a good meal and shower then fly to Windhoek and be ready to hunt.

+2 on Buffalo1s comment

From: billc
easiest way and most hassle free is jfk to Windhoek on SAA. No permit needed for this way in SA as guns get checked right through and get to Namibia on same day.

Going through Frankfurt may need gun permits s check that some laws have changed going that way. Plus air Namibia is crap shoot with flights anymore and I would never do that route myself.

Best way I have found is jfk 11 am flight land jo berg by 8 am on flight to Namibia by 930 or 1230 same day. do not need to get bags as they go through to Namibia. same thing on way back. Only need permit in SA if staying overnight before heading out to Namibia. Sa permit is no big deal unless you act like an ass clown when there. You can fill out all paperwork before hand and just sign in front of them takes maybe 30 minutes. I have done it both ways and yes using a service will be faster but not needed.

There is flights through Qatar also but not sure if they fly direct in to Windhoek from there main airport.

From: Bud Meadows
There are several problems flying with South African Airlines: 1) They’re owned by the RSA Government; 2) The RSA government is TOTALLY incompetent; 3) The RSA government is TOTALLY corrupt; 4) The RSA government is racist (anti white); The RSA government is openly Communist Aside from these 4 factors, baggage theft at Tambo is legendary and the government does NOTHING to fight it. With these things in mind, I use camp rifle during my five hunts to Namibia and pack everything I need in a single carryon Red Oxx bag- they can’t steal it if I’ve got it with me at all times. Frankly, the biggest hassles are often with the USA Customs and Border Patrol cretins. They can’t hassle you if you have no guns for them to mess with.

From: Bud Meadows
I also avoid Air Namibia- they are notorious for last minute cancellations and are teetering on bankruptcy. I fly British Airways from ORD to LHR to Joberg to WDH. My May 2019 roundtrip fare was $982 all in, including all taxes and fees. There’s an 8 hour layover in London, but I take the Tubes ($6 US) into downtown London , play tourist for a couple of hours and smoke a couple of Cubans while walking around.

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