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From: trapperzig
Looking to try a Sitka blacktail hunt in the next year or two. Any recommendations for a boat based hunt on Kodiak or Prince of Wales? Thanks

From: Treeline

Treeline's Link
These guys do a great job

From: LKH
You may find yourself hunting areas that have been rifle hunted for weeks if you go later. There are not an infinite number of areas for these boats and they exchange hunters via plane.

I did a rifle/bow hunt years ago and the hunting was decent but it was obvious the big bucks had been hammered. I took a couple decent ones with rifle but was almost 3 miles from shore when I got the best one. Tons of bucks but not big. Olga Bay

From: Rgiesey
Hunted with homer ocean quite a few times. Killed all pope and young qualifying bucks. Missed some bigger and some smaller. The experiences I’ve had couldn’t have been better. Roark is as good as they come. Hunted October and November and liked October better as the bucks were more stationary.

From: otcWill
Consider saving yourself a couple K per hunter and go diy. You won't regret it. Some fool proof gear rental services will set you up with anything you don't own or want to ship. Good luck either way! Special place. Can't wait to get back

From: Willieboat
Hunted with Jack King a couple times.....may have retired , but worth checking into.

From: Zackman
It can be pretty fun!

Jack King retired and sold the Island C. My little sister loves the boat based hunts... Ed F

From: Zackman
My big brother is so mean to me sometimes

From: SDHNTR(home)
Ed made a funny... pretty good one too. Please post pic of sister.

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