Tight Spot Quivers
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From: jdee
There’s a million different headlamps to choose from, the cheap one I had is going to get replaced. Any ideas on a good, reliable headlamp ? I see them from $10 to $100.

From: midwest

From: WapitiBob
s and s had a blog on lamps a few years ago. The cheapie came out close to the top. I think it was the Coast lamp. I use a black diamond Icon.

Depends if you want to see 100 yards out or bright lights for the 20 feet in front of you. Beam or Broadcast??? Remember,, while hunting a beam is not always a good thing!

I fish walleyes a lot at night and I have an 18' boat so I use the energizer headlamps for that.. It transitioned into my hunting world and I love them! 3 modes seem to work well in all conditions (except fog). Personally I wouldn't spend more than $15 on a headlamp. If you spend more than that there's a good chance all the critters on the mountain will know you're there as well. Get enough light so you don't fall, carry a tiny mag light in your pocket if you need to punch a beam out every now n then. :)

From: wild1
1. Petzl Tikka Plus, and...............

2. Home Depot Energizer for back-up, to keep in the truck, tent, RV around the house.

Black Diamond Spot is a great lamp. If you want something with more distance Black Diamond ReVolt.

From: Scar Finga
I have several Camofire headlamps and they work great... It depends on what you want. I also like Petzl, and have a few, but I like the simpler models.

From: Genesis
Armytek Wizard Pro for utility and short hikes (rechargeable 18650)Truly unbelievable light with head strap or cap clip option

Armytek Tiara Pro for lighter weight option (rechargeable or single cell)

Both with magnetic cap for further utility

From: jdee
Looking for one with enough light to dress an elk in the dark and enough light to ride a horse out of the mountains in the dark. Some are small and I see some look like a coal miners light. Need a good, all around headlamp.

Rechargeable black diamond

Another vote for Black Diamond.

From: Fields
I never tried any other light than the Fenix headlamp and don't plan too.

From: dmann
I’ve got a couple black Diamond Spots and really like them. Might try the rechargeable version.

From: Zim
I’ve tried a few. I have 3 black diamond spots and always keep 2 in my pack (“2 is one, 1is none”). Reliable, light weight and I use the red light feature when hiking in and out of a stand, wallow, etc.

From: Ben
I have a camo stocking hat type that has a built-in dual headlamp. The off and on switch is over my right ear and it points where ever I look. I bought it at a garage sale 4 -5 years ago and only replaced the battery one time ( a flat battery 357? size) . I'm not home to check the brand but, is a very handy light. I only use it when it is the dark of the moon and walk in under moonlight any other time. It always comes in handy when I get in the stand. Puts out just the right amount of light, not too bright but, adequate for walking in.

From: Shaft
Black diamonds are great however, I recently bought a couple of 315 lumen energizers and they have been great. Figure close to half of the price of the black diamonds. When you bounce up in lumens you will find that your batteries don't last as long so always carry a spare set.

From: Yasla
The Hunt for the Best Headlamps | OutdoorGearLab https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/topics/camping-and-hiking/best-headlamp

From: Mule Power
Black Diamond is sweet. Spot 350 is my choice. The regular is 300 lumens. They make a 375 but it takes 4 batteries instead of 3 and is heavier. I’ll pass on any extra weight on my headlamp. It has infinite dimming and memory so when you turn it on it’s still on the setting you had. Also a lock feature so you don’t try to use it and find out it turned on by accident and the battery is dead.

From: ohiohunter
Which black diamond you all using? My buddy has one and it was a PITA to thumb through all the colors, surely reading the directions would’ve helped.

Absolutely love my Nitecore rechargeable. Weighs 1 oz and one charge lasted my entire 2 week sheep hunt last year (although it doesn't get dark much in AK in August, but I did come back to camp in the dark a couple nights). All my back country stuff is now all rechargeable. The solar paneled battery packs have have rendered batteries a relic AFAIC (except for when there's no sun, but back-country hunts for me are an August-September time frame unless it's AZ and there's still enough sun there in winter).

From: drmike
Another vote for black diamond.

Zebra light 600 series, flood for the closer work, spot for the distant stuff. Works great, tough, good battery life, and light from 2 lumens all the way up to light up the mountain.

From: Predeter
Black Diamond spot here as well. Had it 3 years I think? Happy with it.

The lock is critical, wouldn't buy another headlamp without the ability to lock it.

From: PushCoArcher
I use a Black Diamond Storm and love it.

From: Brotsky
+1 for the Black diamond Storm. Love mine, a little tricky at first but once you understand the button sequences it’s great.

From: Phil/VA
My favorite is the KAP-40 from Sniper Hog Lights. Rechargeable batteries, adjusts for brightness, adjusts from spot to flood. http://www.sniperhawglights.com/40KAP-Headlamp-p/40kap.htm

From: Vids
I have a Petzl (I believe Tikka Plus) and it's been good. Honestly, the Energizer ones at Home Depot are pretty hard to beat for the price and are pretty comparable to the Petzl or the Black Diamond I had previously.

From: woodguy65

woodguy65's embedded Photo
woodguy65's embedded Photo
Black diamond Icon - it is waterproof has a bright wide beam out to 90 meters, and a low setting as well. Personally I absolutely hate anything rechargeable because I lose cords or forget to plug in. This runs off of 4 AA batteries which last a long time.

From: boothill
Just picked up a 2018 Black Diamond Storm direct from BD for $32. Cabelas selling the 2019 model for $49. Seems like a nice lamp so far.

I use coast and camofire headlamps now. After losing an awesome Princeton Tec. I have no complaints.

From: Shawn
I rarely use a head lamp or even a flashlight but I agree the Black Diamond Ion is very good. Buddy bout me one for my B-Day and I do keep it in my pack in case. Shawn

From: BigOk
Energized headlamp. Cheap and batteries last all season. Red light is great for getting ready once in your stand without drawing attention to yourself.

From: Jasper
The Energizers from Home Depot and I have a Surefire I only use for blood trailing as batteries are more expensive but it makes a difference! I carry 3 headlamps in my pack, yes 3. I like the backup and I can’t tell you how many times a buddy can’t find his or his batteries are dead so I have to lend him one. I’m like Really?! Lol

From: PoudreCanyon
I’ve had pretty good luck with the $20 energizers from Walmart. I have a Black Diamond as well, but I feel like the cheapie Walmart specials are as bright, comparable in weight and battery life at 1/3 - 1/4 the price.

From: Beachtree
I have a Fenix 4 years old been thru alot use it weekly, no issues yet.

I’ve been very impressed with my Petzl Actik.

From: Tinner2216
Black Diamond. Quality product without breaking the bank.

From: Droptine
I use zebra they’re my favorite and also darn tough

From: jdee
Ended up buying a Black Diamond Storm....Thx.

From: Bake
Cool thread. I have tried a lot. I think they’re all fine. But I got tired of carrying AAAs for only the headlamp. AAs for the camera and GPS. And now I used the rechargeable 1850s for my Surefire handheld. So last year I bought a Zebra light headlamp that runs on a single AA. I like it so far. Didn’t use it a ton last year. Runs through the battery fairly quick if left on high setting. But it will be my main headlamp in CO this fall. Might need to buy an extra, now that I think about it :)

From: Mule Power
You can tell the guys who aren’t heading up a mountain at dark thirty am after elk where being able to see is pretty convenient. Lol

From: elkstabber
I've used a variety of headlamps and tend to choose simpler models without excessive power because I prefer to allow my eyes to adjust to the dark.

IMHO a headlamp is so important that I always carry a spare in case my primary gets broken or lost.

I also use a tactical flashlight with a lot of lumens for tracking game. The headlamp is used daily. The flashlight doesn't get used much. I prefer a dim headlamp and bright flashlight, but that's just me and everybody is different.

From: Kevin Paul
Zebralight gets my vote

From: Trial153
Currently I have two Fenix head lamps( HL50 & HL30), a Black Diamond Storm and Petzl Bindi.

I like the Fenix HL50 the best for most situations except when weight is a concern then the Bindi gets the nod.

From: elkmtngear
I have several, I usually save the Zebralight, in case I need to break down an animal after dark. Single AA battery, and provides the best illumination for that task.

Walking in and out, I sometimes like to just use a headlamp with a red LED.

From: joehunter
Cheap and easy - works great. 400 lumen! https://www.lowes.com/pd/Energizer-Vision-Hd-400-Lumen-LED-Headlamp-Battery-Included/1000598357

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