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Clover- How Often and When to Cut?
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Hunt98 03-Aug-19
Vonfoust 03-Aug-19
Pat Lefemine 03-Aug-19
skookumjt 03-Aug-19
From: Hunt98
How often do you cut clover?

When do you cut (growth stage) it?

Weather dependent for me. I do it mainly to control competing growth. I wait for some moisture and cooler evening temps and also try and let the clover re-seed itself.

Not a definitive answer for you, but for me there are several variables to consider.

From: Vonfoust
Memorial Day July 4 Labor Day Pretty good rule of thumb for me.

From: Pat Lefemine
10-12” or when the weeds are outgrowing the crop. I like to cut back to 6”.

Different for alfalfa.

From: skookumjt
If nutrition is your objective, mow when 10% has flowered. Never cut more than half or lower than 6".

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