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Idaho Second Chance Draws
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TravisScott 04-Aug-19
Scott/IL 05-Aug-19
YZF-88 05-Aug-19
TravisScott 05-Aug-19
From: TravisScott
With the Idaho second chance draw applications starting tomorrow I wanted to get opinions on if it was worth it or not for NR’s to apply for the tags?

I know they have a 10% allocation to NR’s and in the case of the capped tags there are even fewer so with the second chance draws usually only having 1 or 2 tags available would I be wasting my time by applying or do the turned in tags go to a free for all lottery system.

If anyone in the know could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Good Luck!!!

From: Scott/IL
Travis, I called about this last year and was told that the NR cap did not come into effect for the leftovers draw.

From: YZF-88
I'll be applying since it's my only chance due to being on the waiting list from last year. Long shot odds for sure. One thing I noticed is even fewer tags went unclaimed than I remember from the last 7 years. The unit I apply for usually has 10-15. This year...2

From: TravisScott
Thanks guys.

Good luck in a couple weeks Scott!

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