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rope to hang meat
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Tom 04-Aug-19
orionsbrother 04-Aug-19
cnelk 04-Aug-19
fubar racin 04-Aug-19
Bake 04-Aug-19
jordanathome 04-Aug-19
Brun 04-Aug-19
Tom 04-Aug-19
HUNT MAN 04-Aug-19
goelk 05-Aug-19
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SlipShot 05-Aug-19
Dphelps 05-Aug-19
bloody acorns 05-Aug-19
From: Tom
So I have been using paracord, light strong all the right things to hang up meat in the meat bags. However.... I like to toss the cord over a tree limb and pull it up and this paracord seems to dig into the tree making it almost impossible to pull up. Any rope suggestions?? Maybe just use a larger diameter rope?

Tie a caribiner onto the end of the paracord. Toss it over the branch and let the caribiner slide down to head height.

Pull another length of paracord or some smaller diameter dynema through the carabiner to its center point.

Pull the first paracord up so that the caribiner is just below the branch an tie it off.

The carabiner is almost frictionless for you to use the second length of paracord or dynema to pull up meat bags or food packs.

The extra length of cord and ‘biner are lightweight and can come in handy at other times too.

From: cnelk
Mule tape

From: fubar racin
Iv got a small pulley I use in the same way orionsbrother described but the carabiner seem so much better

From: Bake
Mule tape works pretty well I’ve found.

From: jordanathome
I just plait some cordage from the hair of the deceased elk. Make it real. Or mule tape.

From: Brun
Mule tape is good, but cam straps made for river running are better.

From: Tom
Dang, to simple isn't it. I always have a carabiner or two on me. Thanks!!!

Mule tape is the way to go.

From: goelk
what size paracord rope works best

You can make a pully system out of some para cord and three pieces of chain links

From: SlipShot
Mule tape has it uses, but is over kill for this job. Paracord is way more reasonably priced and will do the job just as good as mule tape.

From: Dphelps
Here's a good one:

I agree on mule tape used paracord last year but we didn't hang him high cause we packed out same day.

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