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Deep Six Broadheads???
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KingCrow 05-Aug-19
nmwapiti 05-Aug-19
Ermine 05-Aug-19
Hessticles 06-Aug-19
bowhunter55 06-Aug-19
wildwilderness 07-Aug-19
From: KingCrow
Haven't bought any Deep Six Broadheads in while - local Bass Pro didn't have them and not seeing much online. Did I miss something? Are they still available anywhere?

From: nmwapiti
I know WAC'em discontinued theirs. Shame. I really like them.

From: Ermine
Iron Will offers them in deep 6

From: Hessticles
Muzzy quit making them in the trocar! Good thing pat had a dozen packs for me!

From: bowhunter55
Try Lancaster Archery. I get my Slick Tricks and Ramcats in D6 from them. Also Rayzor has the 100gr. Terminators in D6 with outserts.

The local shop said deep six is going out of style. He had the rest of his D6 heads on clearance. Easton now makes a Ti in/outsert for injexions as well as many other companies to use standard Broadheads with skinny shafts. Seems like the trend for 4mm shafts.

I tried the iron will 25gr collars (l had a few shafts split at the tip) and d6 broadheads with good results results this year; fly great out to 90yds) For mechs Rage hypos or Grim Reaper FS. You most likely will have to order online, or call around to shops and stock up.

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