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Help with gator setup
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Jasper 06-Aug-19
Matt Quick 06-Aug-19
DonVathome 07-Aug-19
Jasper 07-Aug-19
From: Jasper
My son drew a Georgia gator tag, headed out in a couple of weeks. He’s shooting a Muzzy Gator Getter, 600 lb gator cord and gator arrow. We’ve been practicing off a dock shooting into a pond and found it tough to shoot consistently. Dry line versus wet line, how it’s wrapped on the float, etc. all effect accuracy and mostly how far it shoots. I realize this is a short yardage game but wondering if anyone has any tips for a little more consistent shooting??? Thanks!

From: Matt Quick
It’s not as close range as you would think some of the time. I too found the gator arrow and 600# line cumbersome to say the least. I went with the 130# line that comes on the retriever and a standard carbon fish arrow with a muzzy tip. You shoot further and more accurate with this set up. Once you get an arrow in the alligator, get close and use a harpoon to get a gator point and a heavy line on him. Then you can really lean into him with the heavy line.

From: DonVathome
I am no expert but good advice above. Lower line weight and plan for more lines in gator - always, bigger gators even more important.

Not to be sarcastic but try to make everything consistent. Dry line, wrap float etc. Hard to do and easy to get stuff snagged when gator hunting (at least where i was in Florida). I had to be constantly vigilant about line, float tangles etc.

Bottom line is long range shots are tough for reasons you described. Eliminate variables you can that is all you can do.

From: Jasper
Thanks guys!

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