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CO GMU 54 Mule Deer Help
Mule Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Ghost425 06-Aug-19
Pop-r 06-Aug-19
Ghost425 07-Aug-19
From: Ghost425
I just pulled a mule deer tag in Colorado unit 54 which I have not previously hunted and am wondering if anyone has any Info that could prove useful. Thanks

From: Pop-r
Get high!

From: Ghost425
Thanks Pop-r, that seems to be the consensus from what I’ve been reading. I’ll be hunting the archery season and I’m sure those big bruisers will be about as high as they can get. Appreciate any help and tips as I have no hunting experience in Unit 54. Going to make a scouting trip this weekend and check out a couple spots that a buddy of mine knows to be good.

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