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Black widow bow, yes or no
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Dan Van 06-Aug-19
Scar Finga 06-Aug-19
Nick Muche 06-Aug-19
Buglmin 06-Aug-19
Inshart 06-Aug-19
Zim 06-Aug-19
GF 06-Aug-19
LBshooter 06-Aug-19
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Highlife 07-Aug-19
Lost Arra 07-Aug-19
elkstabber 08-Aug-19
ELKMAN 08-Aug-19
From: Dan Van

Dan Van's embedded Photo
Dan Van's embedded Photo
My cousin is selling his Black Widow bow and I am thinking of buying it but neither of us is sure of how much it is worth. We don't want to cheat each other so any useful comments would be appreciated.

From: Scar Finga
Don't know without seeing the entire bow, but they are good bows in my opinion! a nice light bow that can be passed down.

From: Nick Muche
Email Roger Fulton or Toby Essick

From: Buglmin
You asked this question on the Leather Wall and got several answers. Most said around 200.00 to 250.00.

From: Inshart
I would think if you take a bag of ice, bottle of Kahlua and a bottle of Absolute Vodka over there and after about an hour or two, you should get a pretty good price. Just say'n. LOL

From: Zim
Inshart, if he takes the ingredients for a "Colorado Bulldog", negotiations will go very well. That was my goto cocktail for a few years (similar to yours, but a White Russian with coke).

From: GF
Do you want a Shooter or a Collector?

If all you’re after is a solid bow to learn with, you can buy new with a warranty for $100 - $150. If he’s looking to max out his revenue, he could probably get more than that because some guys get irrational about Widdas... while of course there are others who wouldn’t give you $20 for a barrel-full.

If you really like it, give him a couple hundred bucks and first option to buy it back for the same price if you ever decide to let it go.

From: LBshooter
Good condition it's probably 300 tops. It's a older bow. You can but a newer bow used around 5-600.

From: Peej
Thats a girls bow dude. :)

From: Highlife
They do burn well :)

From: Lost Arra
Dan Van : in case you couldn't tell but Black Widows are like American politics. To some a hunk of plywood. To others a bow of mystical properties. No one would argue the company and it's service are top notch and have a history that few bow companies can match.

From: elkstabber
I'd believe the responders on the Leatherwall.


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