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Fauntleroy 06-Aug-19
From: Fauntleroy
I know there's a bunch of old codgers on here that don't know faceplace from fireplace, but I'll be doing a Facebook and Instagram live event on how to best pick up a tag off the leftover list even after the proverbial "Leftover Day" this morning. There are still going to be hundreds if not thousands of licenses reissued starting next Tuesday here in Colorado that we can help you out with. I've got a few tips I'd like to share with you all.

If you're interested, this Sunday (8/11) I'll answer any questions about the app and how to get yourself a tag from 5-7 PM MTSD. I hope that some Bowsiters show up cause there's some archery sheep, elk and deer tags I'll be covering that I hope some of you pick up. Plus you'll get to see my ugly mug. Either way you're not out of the running for a killer archery tag here in Colorado just yet.

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