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Best Portable Charger
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BGbasbhat 13-Aug-19
APauls 13-Aug-19
What does everyone recommend as the best portable power bank (phone and accessory charger)? I am heading out for multiple mountain hunts and have used cheap units in the past with a solar charger.

I am hoping to find a solid long lasting charger and ditch the solar unit.

From: midwest
I got a couple Ankers as suggested on here. They work great.

Much appreciated Nick

From: oake
I just got a RAVPower delivered. No experience yet, but I purchased the 32,000 model. Several models below that level

From: Scrappy
I also have a couple of Ankers with no issues.

From: Brotsky
I have RAVPower and Anker, both have been bulletproof in the backcountry.

From: carcus
I've got a anker that ive had for a few years, its great, I just bought a similar charger off amazon it was less expensive with more power and better ratings, hopefully it turns out to be good

From: No Mercy
I have the Dark Energy Poseidon and love it.

From: TreeWalker
Solar Chargers are not very efficient and days are getting shorter as approach hunting season so less daylight and if add in some clouds or trees then more issues trying to generate power to recharge devices. The batteries are the way to go though make sure do a test to make sure what you can charge and how often per battery pack you are planning to take.

From: Buffalo1
I use a Pocket Juice that I purchased at Best Buy. It good for about 3-4 charges on iPhone 7. Have been pleased with the unit.

From: x-man
Two Pocket Juices. One on you, one at camp charging on a solar charger all day.

From: ohiohunter
Buffalo, Xman... what size are you guys using?


BULELK1's embedded Photo
I've had good fortune with these 2--- both are 20000 aHm Both can be plugged in for charging or as you can see the one does charge solar any time.
BULELK1's embedded Photo
I've had good fortune with these 2--- both are 20000 aHm Both can be plugged in for charging or as you can see the one does charge solar any time.

From: Shiras42
I bought 2 Getihu 10,000 mAh units on Amazon Prime Day for like $15 each. Also comes with a little plug in reading light. Happy with them so far, but not long enough to know for sure.

From: yooper89
I've got the Dark Energy Poseidon as well and love it. Also have a couple cheap brands from Walmart that I keep as backup just in case.

From: BGbasbhat
Anybody use Goal Zero? They are on Camofire every now and again and was thinking one of those or an Anker.

From: Mark Watkins
I have a Goal Zero and have had god luck with it...


From: pav
Anker owner issues.

my most recent one is anker. I can get three+ full charges out of it. I carry a couple of different ones when I'm in a remote places. If you don't use them much they seem to degrade.

From: wild1
I have a RAV - works well, no complaints!

From: t-roy
I have a Goal Zero and like it, however, if it’s overcast you’re SOL. It does charge things pretty quickly if you get some sunlight, though.

From: fubar racin
I have a black web that Iv been impressed with so far had it almost a year and used it fairly heavy and it’s still going strong so far

From: SBH
Ive got two of those little goal zero chargers. Been great for me, maybe $15 on amazon? Cant remember. Bout as big as a lighter and I get 3 charges on my iPhone with it. Gets me through a 4 day hunt easily if I'm not going crazy on the Onx Maps.

From: BGbasbhat
Picked up an Anker POwercore + 10500 at Walmart for $25. Came with a half charge, took a couple more hours to get full. Charged my LG fully from 10% and a couple times from 30% and still has 50% left. Kinda heavy, but pretty good so far.

From: APauls
I've got a charger that will boost engines that is tiny. Also charges any batteries I need a ton of times and is probably 4x8x.75 inches in size. It's awesome and I boost things like quads, lawn tractors and of course full sized vehicles. What an awesome invention. One of those and you are good for weeks in the back country. Buy off amazon. sub $100US I imagine as I was just over $100 cdn.

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