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McCree 07-Aug-19
Scrappy 07-Aug-19
smarba 07-Aug-19
KyleSS 07-Aug-19
Highlife 07-Aug-19
From: McCree
Considering one of these for a Sept. elk rain jacket and looking for reviews. It states water repellent but I've limited info says it's a good rain jacket. Any real world experience? Thanks,

From: Scrappy
No real world experience but when I was looking into it I decided that it was just to limited to trust in the backcountry. I believe if you get into a cold wet heavy snow as I did year before last in Sept it would eventually wet out. I went with a firstlite rain jacket that didn't weigh much more but is rain proof.

From: smarba
No personal experience either. It is Gore's Infinium wind blocker, which isn't as "water proof" as Gore-Tex; however, it has fully taped seams and DWR so it should shed water pretty darn well. The rep told me it was all but a raincoat: it would be a great barrier for a rain squall that blows through, but hunting all day in the rain it wouldn't perform like dedicated rain gear.

From: KyleSS
I too was looking into this and decided on going with the heavier but more durable Thunderhead jacket

From: Highlife
Contractor bags cheaper

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