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altering a ground max blind
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gene so 07-Aug-19
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From: gene so
Hello, I received a Primos Ground Max blind and am aware of the superiority of certain other blinds as Double Bull. I am presently hunting Antelope in northern New Mexico and note that even though I have this blind anchored to four steel fenceposts with wire, making it very stable against the high winds and note the fact that it stood up to 5 1/2 hours of rain on opening day, the design defect in this model is the netting which flaps in the breezes and event the wild burros are uneasy when drinking at the water hole I am going to be keeping this blind and want to repair the netting so it is taut in the breezes that blow anywhere I have ever hunted Antelope. I would really appreciate some serious attempts so I can fix this problem. Thank you in advance,

Gene So

From: stagetek
You can try small clamps, or spring style clothes pins. The clamps are stronger.

Are you shooting through the netting? My old groundmax uses Velcro on the edges to hold the mesh. And you can keep them really tight. We usually keep one window without mesh to shoot out of and use cloths pins to hold the outer fabric out of the way

From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Try using this style business clamp. They work very well on my blinds.

I have also used clothes pins and large safety pins.

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