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Purple Heart Day
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Boris 07-Aug-19
t-roy 07-Aug-19
Scoot 07-Aug-19
Buffalo1 07-Aug-19
BULELK1 08-Aug-19
Charlie Rehor 08-Aug-19
Jasper 08-Aug-19
76aggie 08-Aug-19
Crusader dad 08-Aug-19
midwest 08-Aug-19
BULELK1 09-Aug-19
From: Boris
I just found out that today is National Purple Heart day. It made me stop to think what my own family has done. My father purple heart, MIA/POW ww2. Cousin Frank Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Valor, Silver Star With Valor KIA age 19 Viet Nam. Oldest Brother Viet Nam Purple Heart. Second oldest brother, Purple Heart Viet Nam passed age 53 agent orange. Youngest brother 4 purple hearts. His service was 23 years. I was in the Air Force in security. An America has always been great. thank you for your service

From: t-roy
Agree, Boris! Thank you and your family members for their service to this great country as well!

From: Scoot
Amen Charlie! Boris we owe people like you and your family and incredible debt of gratitude.

From: Buffalo1
We will never be able to put into words the gratitude we owe our military veterans and warriors. We can only do the best we can and pray for their safety.

What is nice about receiving the Purple Heart is that ya don't have to have died to receive it.

Good luck, Robb

Robb: That’s not correct. Every person KIA receives a Purple Heart.

From: Jasper
God bless our hero’s!

From: 76aggie
Boris, you and your family are true patriots. My Uncle Pete went through WWII with only a sprained ankle and was badly hit in Korea on his 13th day in country. My son in law received three Purple Hearts in the desert.

From: Crusader dad
My dad died in May. He was a proud veteran and Purple Heart recipient. I just posted a story about the road trip my sons and I took in his truck on the way home from AZ. Check it out on the Wisconsin page.

From: midwest
Thank you and your family for your service!

That's NOT what I said

I said you don't have to have died to receive one.

Sorry for the misunderstanding C-man.

Good luck, Robb

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