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Small bow case options?
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spinedoc 08-Aug-19
smarba 08-Aug-19
SoDakSooner 09-Aug-19
trakman 10-Aug-19
Trial153 10-Aug-19
Matt 10-Aug-19
JTreeman 10-Aug-19
From: spinedoc
I am flying out west this fall and in looking at tix, I see some serious restrictions on luggage size. My SKB bow case is 49x9x15, and it is oversize for all carriers I have looked at. Does anyone use a small case for travel? Bow is a Bowtech Realm.

I had in the past heard of people who pack their bows in plastic 'tubs', pack with clothes, then place in a duffel bag/suitcase. Anyone still go that route.

Thanks for any advice.

From: smarba
I HIGHLY doubt any airline would measure your SKB and say it's oversized. I understand if you don't want to gamble, but as long as luggage looks like a standard piece (not a hodge podge box) I've never seen anything measured...

From: SoDakSooner
American has dropped the oversize charge for large sporting goods items if you fly them. Regular cost of $30 to ship. I am traveling with a bike next week. Much cheaper than UPS. As far as I know the other airlines have not followed suit.

A bow is a sporting goods item is it not.?

From: trakman
I have the big SKB and i fly it a lot and they never measured it, they will ask you what is in it. GOOD LUCK

From: Trial153
My SKB has been good to go, it's the bow shaped case vs the rectangular one. That said the last 10 for 12 flights I have take I have use my sitka nomad. That's about 10 inches over sized and I have yet to get dinged for a over charge however I always expect it.

From: Matt
I've only ever heard of 1 guy getting dinged for oversize on a bow case, I wouldn't worry about it.

From: JTreeman
Same, I fly all over with “oversized” luggage, be it hard case, nomad, legend, Terra glide. Never even been suggested it was a problem in my memory. Just go and what’s the worst that can happen, they ding you for a few bucks? Probably not gonna happen, and if it does it will make you mad (and me look dumb), bur probably won’t ruin your finances if you can already afford the western hunt.

Good luck on the hunt and don’t worry about the bow case!


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