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Ok... For me coffee is a staple at elk camp. But I really get sick of instant coffee! However, I don't want to percolate a pot on the camp stove b/c of time and clean up blah blah blah. Does anyone have any instant coffee brands out there that don't taste like crap? Or a method that I am not thinking about that requires minimal clean up?

From: M.Pauls
I splurged on Starbucks instant coffee last year, and was not impressed. I’m all ears

From: midwest
Starbuck's VIA

Dark Timber Vapor Packs

Black Rifle Instant

Folders makes some single packs with a string attached like tea bags have, just boil water and ya have it .

From: Brotsky

Brotsky's Link
Dark Timber Ascent Packs.

From: ohiohunter
French press. Boil water, add coffee, wait 5min, press to separate.

From: Snag
I ground fresh beans at home, pack in air tight plastic bags. French press. Only have to boil water in camp.

From: 12yards
When I'm hunting I shift from wanting a good tasting cup of Joe to drinking it for the caffeine only. Grin and bare it. It's about hunting w/o a headache. So instant it is.

From: Dyjack
X2 on the caffeine only aspect. But I recently started getting the Starbucks vias packs in the darkest. And it's pretty damn good for what it is.

You can always get your favorite brand and make your own teabags, or get teabag coffee. I'll drink it at any temp, so often if I do the teabags I'll throw it in a water bottle then it'll be brewed real good after the first mile.

Nescafé instant coffee that is sold in most stores. I believe it is Cafe Classico. Started drinking it in November of 2011 on a hunt down in Texas and now enjoy it daily. Never have like the flavor of Starbucks.

From: Griz34
I hate instant coffee. Folgers or Dark Timber packs are both good. Just heat up water and put the tea bag thing in the water for a minute or two and your done.

From: woodguy65
I have a Jetboil Flash, they sell a French Press as an accessory for $10 or so, works perfect, fresh coffee no cleanup in the same time it takes to make instant

From: Scrappy
Two Starbucks via packs and a hot chocolate package in 16oz of boiling water does it for me. Gives me the giddy up and go in the morning.

From: Jaquomo
Another French press user. So easy, even a bowhunter can make great coffee!

I have a plastic insulated one from Montana Bistro (I think) that weighs virtually nothing and is a big mug with lid you can drink from while hiking in, if you want.

Otherwise Via dark roast. I've tried almost all instant coffees. Most are like tea. Via is not.

From: WI Shedhead
X3 on the Folgers bags. Would like to try the dark timber, looks like a nice system on the western Hunter shows but thier $2.50 a cup. I’m too cheap

From: midwest
I could drink the VIA Columbian daily. 2 packs in 16 oz.

I'd like to try the French press thingy with my jet boil but it seems just a bit yuppie-like and GG might make fun of me.

From: Glunker
I enjoy a strong cup of dark roast to get me up a mountain. Maletas are light weight, make great coffee, come in 1 or 2 cup sizes. Better than starbucks instant with slightly more steps.

From: luckychucky
french press makes great coffee but is still a pain to clean out when you do not have running water. A #2 cone style paper filter is an easier cleanup just boil water for good coffee. If all you want is caffeine then 5 hour energy gets you going but not peeing so much.

From: Lost Arra
Tioga Rise

I roast my own coffee for home but when hunting I want convenience. This is my favorite instant. It also mixes well with cold water.

From: fubar racin
I ditched the coffee in camp when I started backpacking if I’m in a base camp I deal with the percolator if backpacked in 3/4 scoop of pre workout for the caffeine and we’re off like a herd of turtles.

From: Lost Arra

Lost Arra's Link
I have not seen Tioga Rise in any local store

From: jdee
Cowboy coffee... just dump more coffee in the pot along with more water on top of the old coffee every morning no filter and heat it up.

I love the percolator in camp. Nothing beats real coffee. If I’m packed in then Via is good nuff. Never tried the French press but have threatened to get one now for years. Maybe when I grow up ;^) I always have some sort of powdered “energy” drink mix with me as well for those days I just don’t feel like boiling water. “French Press= yuppie” C’mon Nick, have you met Lou? The guy prob has a “yuppie” mounted on the wall in his cabin somewhere... ha

From: Scott/IL
Starbucks Vias and Black Rifle instant packets aren’t too bad. I’m a far stretch from being picky about my coffee though.

Black Rifle...

From: StickFlicker
I too like the Folgers "tea bag" style the best.

Dark Timber gravity packs for me. Best I’ve found so far for convenience. Way better than any instant.

From: Scar Finga
You could not pay me to drink that over priced, yuppy, half burned crap at Starbucks! Instant for me in the mountains, or a percolator if I am in my trailer. I like Folgers the best! If weight isn't to big an issue, bring along a flask of Baileys caramel to liven it up a bit:)

From: CJE
Get a press like several others have said. I finally piked one up this last year and have not been disappointed.

From: Heat
Nescafe Dark Roast or Colombian. I don't mind the fancy name brand ones but they cost at least twice as much. Not worth it to me.

From: aaron
You can get Cafe Bustelo instant packets (like the Starbucks version) for about 1/6th of the cost. I get them at King Soopers for $0.89 a 6 pack. I plan on never purchasing Starbucks again. I find that they taste just as good. At those rates you could load up and fly an elk to the moon.

From: Trial153
Trader Joe's instant packs are decent.

From: jbrownlow
Dark timber gravity packs. Boil water in jetboil, pour over gravity pack into a cup. Works and tastes great

From: pipe
French Press. Small, easy clean up.

From: nvgoat
Folgers teabag style is handy and no clean up. A change from the French or Italian roast that I french press at home but frankly I enjoy the change. If you want it strong, use two bags. Also good price.

Another vote for Folgers tea bags, 2 bags for a large cup are perfect..

From: Zim
I have tried a few, starbucks, dark timber, black rifle, etc. My goto now is Black Rifle Coffee Co. Instant packets and I mix in some coffee mate powder creamer. It's lightweight, delicious, quick and gets the job done. I am adamantly against Starbucks' anti-american rhetoric and refuse to support them. Give BRCC a try, I think you won't be disappointed.

Im a Coffee freak and I think Starbucks via is damn good...might try the black rifle...but want easy and good coffee I have found none better

From: Stix

Stix's Link
Nescafe and Folgers are among the best rated. See attached link.

From: DL
I enjoy coffee but it goes through me about as fast as I drink it.

From: midwest
DL, nobody owns can only rent it. ;-)

From: carcus
french press user here for years, they are awesome, I tried Starbucks instant, its awful

From: AMarchand
I simply use a plastic coffee cone and bring a dozen coffee filters with me, tastes great and is really lighweight. Plus it takes no time at all making it, just boil water and you have it :

It is

From: kscowboy
I’ll get booed for this but the Great Value brand from Walmart isn’t bad. Cheaper than the Nescafé and I actually like it better. Kroger has a breakfast blend that isn’t bad either. I’d sample a lot before making a decision.

A little culinary secret. A pinch of salt and a little cinnamon can really improve a crappy cup of coffee. Unsweetened cocoa or a small chunk of dark chocolate tossed into the bottom and stirred-in can also do wonders. Play with it at home, you’ll be surprised what you can do to create your now famous “insert hunting camp name here” Gourmet Coffee.

From: elvspec
I typically use the Starbucks instant but I think any instant sucks. I use a french press from time to time which is the best for me.

From: Helgermite
2 Folgers tea bags and I'm good to go! The longer you soak and then dip the bag the stronger you make the coffee. I can fit a weeks worth in quart freezer Ziploc.

From: Russ Koon
Also a Folgers bag type fan. On all my western trips, breakfast was two packets of instant oats in a disposable bowl and two of the coffee bags in a large plastic cup. Just put the coffee pot on the campstove as soon as you crawl out of the sack, and by the time you're dressed and ready, breakfast is ready to go if you're hopping into the truck to drive a mile to the fence gate or if you're walking from camp you can wolf the oats down and then sip the coffee as you begin the hike. No cleanup needed except to stash the almost weightless cup in the pack when you finish it. That and an apple in my coat pocket and I'm good for the morning.

From: yellow eye
Instant coffee or dirty water - same thing, wash your socks in it for extra flavor. Got a lot of crap on a hike when I pulled out the press until the guys got a taste. Sorry only brought enough for myself, but if you wait 15 min. I will have some instant when it comes out the other end.

From: BGbasbhat
Trying the Nescafe Hazelnut Medium Dark up scouting this weekend. I'll let you know!

From: huntnmuleys
I certainly like the Folgers bags. Also, Anthony’s organic instant what you can find on Amazon is a really good instant coffee.

From: darkhollow1
Another vote for the Folgers bags. I'll usually double them up and seems to make a pretty good cup of coffee.

From: Ermine
For backpacking instant coffee is the way to go. If truck camping hard to beat presses coffee

From: Whocares
Yup, Folgers, two bags for a good cup. A key thing when I'm packed in is using a tin cup for the hot coffee. Would never consider anything other than a ceramic mug at home but at 4;30 am on a cool mountainside morning the warm tin cup in your hands is a nice feeling to wake up with. It's the little things....

From: Firsty
Caffeine pill for me in elk camp

From: JTreeman
I’m glad I don’t drink coffee, this all seems so confusing and difficult! !


From: Fuzzy
get the "teabags"

From: LINK
I’m not a fan of Starbuck’s pricing or their politics. That said I just ordered Starbuck’s via for $0.69 per packet on amazon. I’m sure that’s more than Folgers but it’s also less than some of the “cheaper” brands mentioned ^^^^^.

Great thread. I like to have a small traveler's mug of coffee (and creamer!) every morning, but never wanted to mess with percolating a pot during hunting season. To be honest, instant coffee never entered my mind. Can't stand Starbuck's political agenda, so no way I can buy their product. I saw several posts suggesting Folger's in the bag and Nescafe, so gave them a try. I put 2 bags of Folger's Classic Roast in a small cup...not much flavor. I then tried Nescafe Clasico Dark Roast. I actually thought it was pretty tasty, so I'll be having a cup of that most mornings. Thanks for the suggestion!

From: APauls
I'm with you JTreeman! Sounds like a tough road to hoe! Quick cup of h2o in the morning and I'm off!

From: elkster
I've gotten by with the VIA from strabux but switched to the french press that fits my jet boil. Much better cup of jo.

Clean up is to simply wipe it out. Rinse with a small amt. of h20.

All the above are assuming we are bivouac\backpaking.

From: softhackle
If you have access to electricity or a generator try Coffeeboxx with some Westrock Coffee single serve pods

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