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From: jbrownlow
What do you recommend for a good target? I have limited space in my yard, 50 yards max, so look for something easy to move and lightweight to store in the garage. I have a block that is just worn out, won’t stop my arrows any more. Thanks

From: Bou'bound
a new block?

From: Trial153
For broadheads I have a 18/1, a Blob and a maxtix. The matrix is the best of the bunch at three times the price.... 18/1 or rhino blocks are pretty decent. Blobs suck up thousands of shots but are hard to pull and hard on some arrow finishes.

Other wise for Field points I shoot a bag target

From: Elkoholic
I was wondering the same thing the other day. I have a heck of a time pulling my axis arrows out of my morrell target. Is it the target or the arrows? Is there something better?

Matrix, if you don’t have far to haul it, or Rhinehart RhinoBlock if you do. Can’t go wrong with either. I use the Matrix at home, and the RhinoBlock at elk camp.

Rhinehart 18-1

From: Boris
When I was shooting 3D, we would take a bar of soap an rub it on the arrow up about 8-9 inches.

From: nvgoat
Matrix is the best I have ever used. The interchangeable modules are genius. They have a new one that is smaller so less expense and less weight.

Armor all also works on the arrows

From: hoyt-6190

From: x-man

x-man's Link
If money is not an issue, these are the best money can buy.

From: Grubby
I make my own. Target faces from third hand and I stuff it with window screen. 2 finger removal

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