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From: DL

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I don’t know about everyone else but I watch the fire listings a lot this time of year.

From: TurboT
Like you I always watch the fires in all the western states. Living in central Oregon it has been so nice to see the cascades all summer. Thunderstorms and August are always are best test.

From: Irishman
I look at the inciweb site to see the status of all the fires. It's been a lot better so far this year in Montana, hardly any smokey days.

From: midwest
I think McCall is Elknut territory.

From: Brotsky
Fire played hell with my elk hunt last year. I lost spots A-C due to fire closures. Hopefully the moisture out west this year keeps this fire season to a minimum.

From: ElkNut1
Nick, yes sir it is! Not too far from it anyway! I may have to re-locate. Maybe I can come over your way & hunt! (grin)


From: YZF-88
I actually gave a safety talk about work and pushed the use of the fire websites. We have a handful of NR's that work for us as engineering co-ops. Typically they aren't going to look for things like this from a safety standpoint.

From: Grey Ghost
I don't think fires are going to be much of an issue in Colorado this year. By this time last year, around 500K acres had burned. This year the total is under 15K. Thank God for moisture.


From: SmokedTrout

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Here's a handy little app for checking out the wild fires. You do have to create an account but it's painless. Can turn on MODIS and VIIRS and get some basic info on all the fires via a map interface.

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