How do you carry your bow on a SideXSide
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Capra 11-Aug-19
ben h 11-Aug-19
Dave 12-Aug-19
Jaquomo 12-Aug-19
Bake 12-Aug-19
Herbhunter 12-Aug-19
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Mt. man 12-Aug-19
Kurt 12-Aug-19
Dave 13-Aug-19
Horniac 13-Aug-19
From: Capra
How are you carrying your bow on your side by side??

I have an RZR and have put my bow in a soft case and bungeed the case down in the past. after a couple of weeks, my bow is trashed.

Do you guys have a better way ??

Any experience with the BowKaddy?

From: ben h
My buddy has a "Looser Cruiser" too and I'm pretty sure they strap them to a 30 pack of keystone lite.

From: Dave
Why risk the damage to the Keystone light???

From: Jaquomo
This may be a dumb question and I've never carried one in a lardmobile, but why not a hard case?

From: Bake
When I’m at home, and my rides are short, I put it on the seat of the Ranger next to me. Not an option probably with a Razr.

Out west I have a pretty tough SKB bow case. The bow case has been torn to shreds, but it holds the bow and protects it pretty well in the back of the Ranger.

From: Herbhunter

Herbhunter's embedded Photo
Herbhunter's embedded Photo
No lack of room here on my rig.

From: nvgoat
hard case

From: Mt. man

Mt. man's embedded Photo
Mt. man's embedded Photo
Hard case, 4 people, 4 bows and a Bull.

From: Kurt
I'll put my bow along side me in a soft case in the passenger seat of my RZR with the lower cam on the floor board and the bow grip area resting on the seat. If a long or rough ride I often seat belt my day pack and bow in. Good luck!

From: Dave
Yeah, but Mt. Man, if you guys ever killed a big bull, you wouldn't have room for all those hard cases and the animal. ;)

From: Horniac
On my RZR my bow is carried on two ATV handlebar grips mounted on the front bumper/brush guard. The bow somewhat cantilevers back over the hood. It doesn’t get dusty or muddy or banged up being in front and rides well/softly in the rubber grips. Best solution I’ve found...


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