Your best pressure cooker recipes
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From: deerslayer
So I had hear glowing reports of shank and neck meat being cooked in an insta pot and how it broke down the sinew and turned the meat into a delicious feast! APauls gave me some moose shank meat that was killer and so I went ahead and bought one, but have had little time to put it to the test. (I typically have tossed the shank and neck meat but was told it was the most flavorful on the animal and that the insta pot breaks down the silver sinews). I finally gave it a whirl the other night on some neck meat I saved from last year's bull. 2 hours under pressure and I was blown away at how well it broke all the meat down and made the sinews all but disappear. I didn't have time to really research good recipes so I threw something together, and while the meat tenderness was awesome, my hodge podge of spices and such (cream of celery soup) was pretty bland. Just curious what some of you insta pot aficionados have come up with that you like for mixing with the meat?

From: timex
don't just limit your yourself to insta pot recipes pressure cookers have been around for ever. I have an Insta pot but mostly do rice & chicken in it. I do however can a lot of venison. & one quick easy meal is a jar of canned venison a bag of frozen mixed veggies & a can cream of mushroom soup & whatever spices you prefer heated in a pot = instant venison stew. the same could be done with the cooked meat you describe

From: Elkoholic
I also can a lot of deer and elk. Wife makes the best enchiladas with it.

From: APauls
I usually treat the meat like a roast with a twist. Spice it with my favourite spices like I would a roast, except extra spice. Let's say about 15% more than normal. Then sear it hard. Even a big neck roast is good to go in about 55 minutes. I don't do it exactly often enough but somewhere around 45 minutes I think is the magic number where even the roughest meats are broken down tender, and yet the meat isn't a total "pulled" kind of variety.

From: midwest
Hard boiled eggs. 5 min., quick release, peel like a dream!

From: M.Pauls
Had boiled eggs! Wow never heard of that. Good healthy snack, if they peel easy I may need to give that a whirl. Thanks Nick

From: dirtclod Az.
I just recieved an Insta-Pot for my Birthday. Hard Boiled Eggs 5min.Roast,15 min. a lb.Can't beat it.

From: peterk1234
deerslayer, I cook everything in a pressure cooker. It is the only way to get a great home cooked meal in a short time, when you gets in the way. Potatoes and corn are done in minutes. Soups from scratch take twenty minutes. Chile, 20 minutes. Hard boiled eggs five minutes. I do a couple dozen at a time because I pickle them. PERFECT Creme Brulee in six minutes. Cheescake done in minutes. Pulled pork in an hour. I could go on and on.

I have two of them because sometimes I have two things going at once. Oh, then there is pressure canning. Just like pressure cooking except your meals can be saved to eat ten years from now :)

From: grossklw

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Hank Shaw's turkey leg carnitas recipe is phenomenal. I used to throw the legs away, now it is one of my favorite wild game dishes after trying that last year. You can do the same with pheasant legs as well, just need a lot more of them! Any type of roast in that thing is excellent.

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From: jmiller
I use my pressure cooker for a variety of small game, from squirrels to rabbits to raccoon to beaver. Raccoon or beaver, cooked to tenderness, make amazing pulled meat sandwiches with barbeque sauce. I trap a fair amount and I like to utilize the meat as well as the fur, and the pressure cooker is the answer.

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