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FrankyB 12-Aug-19
kentuckbowhnter 12-Aug-19
MWL43 13-Aug-19
MQQSE 13-Aug-19
Cobie33 13-Aug-19
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Rupe 14-Aug-19
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From: FrankyB
Hearing a lot of chatter in Southern Iowa about EHD hitting big time this year. Specifically zone 5 is where I am hearing and where I have a tag this year. Anyone else hearing that?

just on here. not from the locals.

From: MWL43
There have been some localized cases but nothing widespread across Southern tier counties.

None on my farm. It’s been a wet year. I wouldn’t think this is the year.

From: Cobie33
I haven't heard much here in Iowa on EHD.

From: Storm

Storm's Link
Yes it is starting to hit hard. Especially in the last week. My local warden is getting calls none stop.

From: Rupe
I haven’t heard anything from my farmer.

From: t-roy
I spoke with the DNR officer for the Warren County area, at the State Fair today. He said they are up to over 200 dead deer found in their area so far. Everything from a 200” buck down to fawns. Not good news for that area :-(

From: Hans 1
This year the EHD is different than most other years. Our temps are much cooler, we have had very consistent rain not drought conditions at all. Some of this was caused by areas that flooded this spring and had pooled water that receded all summer creating the perfect environment for the host midge. I personally have not found a single one but know there has been a few. We are outside working on plots, stands and other habitat projects all day ,everyday.

From: LKH
Good luck. When it hit here in central MT a few years back I went from being able to glass 75+ deer from my spot to the best I did the worst year was 9. We are back somewhat but there are areas where they still are very thin. Lots of coyotes doesn't help.

I’m aware of 3 dead deer within a few miles of my house in se Illinois. Two in ponds

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