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Backcountry phone recharging
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Swamp Buck 13-Aug-19
midwest 13-Aug-19
elkstabber 13-Aug-19
backcountrymuzzy 13-Aug-19
longspeak74 13-Aug-19
Nick Muche 13-Aug-19
wyobullshooter 13-Aug-19
nmwapiti 13-Aug-19
jordanathome 13-Aug-19
From: Swamp Buck
What are you all using to recharge your phone in the backcountry?

From: midwest

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See this thread....

From: elkstabber
A Zendure battery, just pick your size. It holds a charge during cold nights.

Another hot tip is to always sleep with your phone in your sleeping bag. Lithium batteries don't do well in cold weather and you can go to sleep with 80% and wake up with a dead phone without even using it.

From: longspeak74
2011 Dodge Ram

From: Nick Muche
Anker or New Trent chargers, both work very well for extended trips. 40-60$ on Amazon.

Make sure your cell provider has coverage where you’ll be. I have Verizon and have to drive down to the flats before I can get a signal on my everyday phone. Sucks since there’s a tower on a nearby ridge...just that Verizon doesn’t use it. I actually use a cheap TracPhone that’s programmed for a service provider that does access that tower, so I get a great signal darn near anywhere. Don’t know how many times I yelled at the TV when that dude spouted “Can you hear me now”!

From: nmwapiti
Small battery pack will get me through 3-4 day trips. Solar charger for longer ones. My stuff is Goal Zero brand. Works pretty well.

From: jordanathome

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