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Midday Elk Killers
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From: midwest
I know there's some guys on here who say they've killed more elk midday than any other time. For those that like to hunt midday, what are your tactics? Are you running and gunning? Sitting wallows or water? Are you busting a lot of elk due to fickle winds?

I’m usually eating lunch and they walk into me... or napping and hear a bugle crack off down the hill...just sayin.

From: darktimber
I usually run and gun dog the herd until they bed. I then back off a couple hundred yards and take a nap. A lot of times they get up 0130 or 2 pm and start bugling and pushing cows around. Wind is still pretty constant that time of day so slip in on them. You have some time before they line out for evening feeding areas.

From: Willieboat
I prefer to watch them from afar and go after them after they have been bedded up a couple hours......but i usually try to hunt fairly open country....let my Swaros do as much walking for me as possible;)

Once i decide to go after them usually try to get as close as possible...prefferably about 100 yards...if i can be that sneaky......and start out by raking a tree.....if that gets no response... throw in a little bugle....have a little patience and you might be surprised what shows really well for me...your milage may of luck and remember to have fun along the way !!

From: swede
Tree stand where trails come together near water.

Yes, this year I plan on being more aggressive...

From: Treeline
Have used darktimber’s and willieboat’s tactics to kill more that a few elk.

Would guess that the vast majority of my bowkilled elk have happened between 10:00 and 2:00.

From: ElkNut1
Whether Morning, Midday or Evening hunting I treat them pretty much the same way. Find the elk (Bulls) read their emotion if bugling at all & tailor my tactic to that bull, they can vary. OTC bulls see & hear their fair amount of pressure, they must be out smarted by us! In a nutshell unpressured elk are dumber & can be called in much easier. I love those dumb elk! (grin)

1 - Some bulls are looking exclusively for cows. 2 - Some bulls are not defensive in the area they're in or protective of their cows because none are in estrus; these bulls are generally quiet. 3 - Some bulls are aggressive/defensive because they do have a hot cow present.

You treat all 3 situations the same & you will lose 2 out 3 in most cases! Yet, all 3 bulls can be lured in! Encounters as these are most common & can be encountered anytime of day! Having cover & wind is crucial for best results! Yes, I could sit water but I'd most likely fall asleep! (grin) I'll take Run & Gun anyday!


From: DoRightBoy

DoRightBoy's embedded Photo
DoRightBoy's embedded Photo
I’ll get near the dark timber where I know they spend the day. Sit up in a small aspen grove where the grass is growing. They’ll usually get up in the middle of the day and feed a bit, move around and stretch their legs. Got this one last year at 2pm. First day. Came in silent w a few cows.

Good stuff Paul, nice Bull DRB...

From: Paul@thefort

Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
yep-- tricky winds but doable.

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