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CO 87
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yooper89 15-Aug-19
RK 15-Aug-19
CCOVEY 15-Aug-19
yooper89 15-Aug-19
Ermine 15-Aug-19
fubar racin 15-Aug-19
Hoot 15-Aug-19
yooper89 16-Aug-19
From: yooper89
Anybody been successful spot and stalk in unit 87, that might have a hot tip for success? These goats are making me look silly when I get to the 100yd mark. Thought I was going to seal the deal on a decent buck, got to about 80yd and I’m not sure if he winded or heard me. Started snorting and stomping, and trotted out of my life. Great way to spend a day, though. So no real complaints!

From: RK
Try flagging ? Decoy??

I have no experience in Colorado but stalking can't be to much different than other places

Ive been successful in the OTC side of Pawnee. Tough hunt. Have to find the right goat in the right spot IMO. It may take all day, or two or 4 but when you do make it count. I think its one of the toughest hunts, spot and stalk, with a bow. Specifically in the flat plains with no cover. Good luck, im headed up that way in about an hour. wish i could hunt that side!!!

From: yooper89
Biggest issue I’ve come across is finding a lone buck. I’ve got no problem getting into a dozen or so at a time but that many eyes makes it tough. Heck of a day so far though. Good luck Covey!

From: Ermine
You have only hunted 1 day! Sometimes it takes many stalks to get close enough

From: fubar racin
Northern end of the unit has a little more topography that can help with stalks

From: Hoot
I have a tag this year too, I made a play tonight on a buck but had to back out, closest I could get was 120, and when he got up he fed away from me instead of up the draw like I needed him to.

Only thing I can say is be patient, use terrain, try to position yourself in front of them and let them come to you, and don’t let them see you.

Or sit water, not my cup of tea but I hear it works.

From: yooper89
The original post was in jest. They're tough to stalk out there but it's a lot of fun. Might try to get out this weekend for a half day but I assume the number of trucks from yesterday will double. Good luck Hoot.

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