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Keeping feet dry
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Rob in VT 16-Aug-19
Franklin 16-Aug-19
Scar Finga 16-Aug-19
Bou'bound 16-Aug-19
bb 16-Aug-19
Fuzz 18-Aug-19
DonVathome 28-Aug-19
Headed to Newfoundland late September and have all in order for clothing, equipment....etc.

But I'm wondering how do you guys keep water from going up under your rain pants and over your boots?

I'll be wearing LaCross boots and Sitka Cloudburst pants. The pants have a rubber seal inside of the cuffs but don't really cinch water tight to boots for a stream crossing.

I've heard of guys using bike inner tubing to tie around ankles to creat seal. Is there a better way?

From: Rob in VT
You should be fine. Get gators if you want more protection.

From: Franklin
A taller boot is the only failsafe if you don`t want to get water in your boots. Every thing else is a band aid that may fail.

From: Scar Finga
Gators, every day, all the time! Under your rain pants, but over your boots! Over your regular pants... Carry extra socks, I always do, a couple extra pairs weigh nothing!!! Wet feet suck!! Sweat is as bad as water! Try and dry your boots every night, or have an extra pair and rotate them out as needed! A couple Velcro straps can also aid in keeping water out, put them around the bottom of your pants, under your gators. It works pretty good.

From: Bou'bound
Cross in crocs carrying boots then put boots back on and crocs back in pack

Have extra boots and boot dryer already packed

Crocks going along anyway, maybe should put them in pack. Probably should invest in good gaiters too.

From: bb

From: Fuzz
What scar finga said....Last year, I had very good luck using gators over my inner layer and under my rain pants. I also took along a 2nd pair of Danners and rotated them. As far as using crocs, I'm not sure how feasible that is since there was water EVERYWHERE that I hunted. Id say that would be a good idea in climates when you only need to cross rivers or creeks occasionally. It would depend on the terrain but they don't weigh much so why not take them. Good luck on your hunt!!

From: DonVathome
gators and crocs and good socks. I plan to get footwear wet and let it dry out. I almost always hunt in glorified tennis shoes that walk dry in hours.

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