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Black Bear- White or Red Acorns?
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Hunt98 17-Aug-19
Huntcell 17-Aug-19
Bou'bound 17-Aug-19
WV Mountaineer 17-Aug-19
Trial153 17-Aug-19
Rocky D 17-Aug-19
drycreek 17-Aug-19
From: Hunt98
Do black bear have a preference of white or red oak acorns?

From: Huntcell
I would think they would go to White first, White has less tannins I prefer white 100 to 1 over red. Wouldn’t even bother with red just to bitter.

From: Bou'bound
You are talking about an animal that eats carrion for fun. Swallows live bees for breakfast. A bitter nut won’t concern him


Here, the white oak falls well before the true red oak's in most years. When they are present. So, you will always find them on the White's first concerning oaks. I'm not sure how they'd prefer them if both were laying there. Rarely happens here. And, theory may say one thing but, I have yet to see deer prefer white oak over red's when both are on the ground. Doubt it is any different with bear. What ever tastes best at the time is getting eat.

However, if they have access to soft mast like poke berries, cherry, apples, or wild grapes, acorns get second place until it is gone or dried up. As far as hard mast, beech is king for bears here.

From: Trial153
Neither, acorns are pretty low on their list.

From: Rocky D

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I am by far no expert on preferred food but when the beech and wild cherries hit the bears converge on whatever mountain that they are on. Your question got me to thinking and I found a pretty neat pic of a bears annual food cycle on the link.

From: drycreek
I always figured a bear would be like a hog and eat anything that didn’t eat him first.

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