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t-roy 04-Sep-19
From: Trackdawg
I noticed lately that Goldenrod in my plot was not dying completely after being hit with 2 quarts per acre of glysophate. I went back last weekend and spot sprayed it again. Some of it was beginning to yellow slightly but most of it was green and looking just fine. My first application of gly was about a month ago so it should be toast by now.

This got me thinking that perhaps the Goldenrod in my area is building a resistance to glysophate. Has anyone else noticed certain weeds not being affected by herbicides over the years? It makes perfect sense that evolution of the plants will allow for a resistance to develop.

From: sticksender
Same problem here with marestail and water hemp. If you catch it when the weeds are very small, roundup will usually kill it. Otherwise have to destroy it mechanically or with alternative herbicides like 2-4d. For soybeans there are other options being used by ag for this problem, like dicamba and liberty. Haven't gone that far for food plots myself. Mainly I've switched to planting fall plots, to avoid the issue altogether.

From: skookumjt
Three quarts per acre and don't spray mature plants.

From: Trackdawg

I would not increase the amount of gly.

From: deerhaven
Had a terrible issue with water hemp this year. Going to mix it up next year just not sure how yet. Looking at Liberty, Dicambia, or pre emergent control. Would like to see others opinions.

From: creed
Here in central AZ resistance has become a major problem. Careless weed/palmer amaranth is resistant to both dicamba and glyphosate. There is cotton that is resistant to 2-4-D and for now that is working. It won't last long. After being forgotten in favor of the contact herbicides pre-emergent herbicides are making a comeback. Heavy use of dicamba and glyphosate in corn and genetically modified cotton crops has created a monster.

Me2 lachlor as pre-emergent control then liberty post emerge on liberty link corn and beans has worked well for me. Increasing the glyphosate rate will not help

From: GF
Or you could give up Farming and just Hunt.

Three best treasons to hunt wild meat:




From: RIT
How organic are game animals that spend their time eating RR crops and plots that are sprayed with all kinds of chemicals? I spray sometimes but I don’t like it.

From: SJJ
I understand that in some cases the issue isnt anything other than the water your mixing the Round Up in....if there are elements such as iron in the water it is the problem. Adding ammonium sulfate to the Round up will eliminate the problem in some cases. Some folks think they have round up resistent plants when in fact it is the chemical reaction undermining the gly activity

From: Dale06
In Kansas, a weed called Kocia ( not sure if correct spelling) or commonly called fire weed has developed lots of resistance to glyphosate. My brother farms there and has shown me the issue. When sprayed, it will wilt up some, yellow some, but unless it’s a real small plant, it will survive.

From: Habitat
Biggest weeds in kansas with resistance is the pigweed and marestail.If a guy could keep the pigweed from maturing he would have best food plot but you want to keep in check or the field will be nothing but weeds

From: Mad Trapper
What are you guys using to control the marestail and can it be used on round up ready beans and corn?

From: sticksender
Tom my experience has been that if the marestail is glyphosate-resistant, you are basically SOL, unless you spray when the weed is very small. The answer for ag is they use alternative bean varieties as mentioned above (dicamba, liberty). My answer is to plant fall plots, at least on alternating years. Which allows control of the weeds, with either tillage, mowing, or 2,4-d, during their summer growing season.

From: scentman
Any concerns about health and safety? Friends i know treated their lawn... their dog has all kinds of skin and mouth tumors... friend died 4 yrs ago, his wife now diagnosed. Just be mindfull, these chems get on clothing, then you go home and spread it all over your home and property. Just a thought... hunt safe my friends.

From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
Tom.... I planted Liberty Link beans this year, and had excellent success with weed control, although I don’t have a major problem with marestail. It controlled the pigweed/waterhemp extremely well for me. A buddy had issues with marestail in years past in his RR beans, and he planted Liberty Link beans this year and had good success in controlling the marestail in his plots. You might consider using a pre-emergence herbicide as well, to get a bit of a jump on the weeds.

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