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Hard time picking which to hunt w/
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coelker 19-Aug-19
Franklin 19-Aug-19
wyobullshooter 19-Aug-19
Ambush 19-Aug-19
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APauls 20-Aug-19
sdkhunter 20-Aug-19
Junior 20-Aug-19
From: coelker
Anyone else ever have this issue? Or do I need to seek testosterone treatments?

I have my old bow, a Mathews Switchback I have shot every since the 2nd day they hit the shelves... It is comfortable, shoots decent, etc. I have taken 10 or 11 bulls with it. It is still shooting fine.

In one way I am emotionally thinking I should give the old switchback one more Glory Hunt, then retire it to the back up Position.

This summer I got a Vertix. Definitely faster and quieter. Not as comfy, but accuracy about identical. I have noticed a handful of times that I flinch off of full draw forcing me to click the bow and reset. Other wise the bow is great to shoot but not as comfy.

Should I rotate bows on days? Should I stick with old reliable?

The Switchback and Vertix are identical in accuracy except at 50 and 60 I am shooting the Vertix slightly better... however my max range is 40 unless I am trying a follow up Shot on awounded animal...

From: Franklin
Don`t switch back and forth....pick one and commit to it. I was in the same boat as you, I went with the newer bow and set my mind it was what I was using. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

I agree. Pick one and relegate the other to a backup.

From: Ambush
I use a seven year old Mathews Heli'm as my main hunting bow. But I can pick up my thirteen year old Mathews Drenalin and shoot it no problem. The Drenalin is a relaxed bow and allows me to be a bit sloppy and still shoot good. Your Switchback would be an awesome back up bow for the same reasons.

From: Smtn10PT
I bought a new bow this year to use as my primary. I have an Elite pulse that I shoot well and have taken plenty of game with. I wanted to get a new bow while I was still 100% confident in my backup (in the past I used a bow until I was no longer confident in it) I'd say it will be better to get used to your new bow and have old reliable to fall back on.

From: APauls
I went to a Bowtech Prodigy a few years back but the next time I go moose hunting I will be bringing my Switchback XT with. I’ve killed every species with it out province has to offer except moose. Kicking myself I didn’t give it one last “glory hunt.”

From: sdkhunter
Feel lucky that you are shooting the new bow better :-). Last year before my elk hunt I was about 2 weeks out and I realized I was shooting my back up bow (Mathews MR6) a fair amount better than my newer bow (RX1)... It made me pause but my thoughts are why wouldn’t I hunt with the bow I’m shooting best? So I ended up going on the hunt shooting my older bow as the primary and had a $1400 backup bow - seemed kinda odd but what could I do... :-)

From: Junior
Weird how muscle memory works! I'm shooting a cpx...tried all the new ever since and see no difference in accuracy.

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