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2020 Bows
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bighorn 20-Aug-19
midwest 20-Aug-19
Bou'bound 21-Aug-19
Bowboy 21-Aug-19
carcus 21-Aug-19
Will 21-Aug-19
Dale06 21-Aug-19
Boatman71 21-Aug-19
fubar racin 21-Aug-19
Ambush 21-Aug-19
'Ike' (Phone) 21-Aug-19
JL 21-Aug-19
From: bighorn
Any 2020 Bows out yet? What's hot,what's not?

From: midwest
Looking forward to seeing the BowTech offerings with the new cam system.

From: Bou'bound
no not yet............

but we do know what each company will release in terms of features...........

the quietest, fastest, lightest, most forgiving, best camo'ed, least vibration, smoothest drawing, and expensive bow they have ever designed.

From: Bowboy
Usually October or November timeframe.

From: carcus
Hopefully bowtech will have the new cam system on more of their bows, such a awesome technology, best thing since dual static yokes!!!!

From: Will
Bou nailed it... but, that last part, about price... that will be deeply hidden in the fine print...

From: Dale06
What Will, and Bou said??

From: Boatman71
Heard through the grapevine Xpedition is going to bring a good one to the table.

From: fubar racin
I’m hoping prime comes out with a real “game changer” so I can pickup this years ct5 cheap lol

From: Ambush
I'm hoping my new 2020 bow is a 2019 Traverse that someone is selling cheap to finance a 2020 something. (65#, 29" DL)

It's a sickness, I tell you...Lol

From: JL
Staying with my 2009 APA Black Mamba. Ain't nothing broke....why mess with it? But....if I was going to get would be another APA bow. Their innovations are way ahead of the other manufactures.

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