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So here's our situation. We purchased some property in SE Oklahoma this past spring that is going to be fun once we get it where we want it. Here's the scoop for this fall. I have a buddy, we will name him "Russ" who lives near the property and is helping us manage (and hunt of course) the acreage.

We did not have access to a tractor and mower until last week when the food plots were mowed down. We have had soils test completed and all came back at roughly 7 on the plots we are working on this year. Russ will be there Friday to spray roundup on everything for a good killing of all grass and weeds. My dad and the other owner of the property are headed down from Colorado on Monday.

After reading everything, to get a proper kill you need to wait at least 5 days if not 7 before disturbing the ground. We purchased a "plotmaster 400" to help us not necessarily till but help with the seed bed but are running out of weekends to get all of this done.

I'm curious about the following quesitons: 1) With Russ spraying it all on Friday, what should the other two guys focus on while down there when it comes to the food plots? I can have them work on fertilizing the soil, etc. 2) in your experience how long does the kill have to sit before being ready for "low" tilling and seeding? 3) What is the latest you would plant a fall plot and get some results?

Rookie questions but thank you!

I hope this makes sense.

If the plots are sprayed Friday, weeds may still be green on Monday, but will have taken up enough chemicals to die. You should be ok to fertilize on Tuesday and begin tillage Tuesday or Wednesday. Go ahead and plant as soon as you get a good seed bed. Good luck. I planted 2 plots today and got.6 inches of rain on it late afternoon. Should be good to go

From: Pat Lefemine
Should be no issue. If this was a spring planting my answer would be different. Congrats on your new ground.

Great question Danny! And you got a reply from Pat!

Now to talk chestnut trees.

From: JM
I think it is too early to plant fall plots in SE Oklahoma it is too hot/dry; I don't plan to plant my fall plots until after mid September. I do know that some people plant their plots the first week of September and are successful. I am not exactly the most experienced food plotter since I bought my 170 acres in south central Oklahoma last fall and didn't actually own it until November. The previous owners did let me have someone come in and plant the existing food plots which were planted the first week of October and they worked out well. So take it for what it's worth :)


From: drycreek
I’m with JM, pretty damn hot and dry here in East Texas. I used to plant every Labor Day weekend but that was because I had time off. Now that I’m retired, I can spray, disc, etc., (all the “one man jobs”) anytime, and get a little help to seed and fertilize on the weekend. I’ve moved my dates back about 15 days to middle of September unless good rains are forecasted.

thank you for the update!

Follow up to danny's original question since same general topic. How much rain before or after spraying Roundup will result in a needed second dose? It looks like there's potentially a good storm tonight and intermittent showers on Friday and Saturday. I know the ideal situation is spraying with no extra moisture but if it's going to be diluted and need a second spray we'd like to plan for when the other 2 guys show up a few days later.

From: t-roy
As a general rule, glyphosate is considered rain-fast after approximately 4 hrs. Roundup Weathermax is supposedly rain-fast after 1 hr. There are several variables that can have some impact on how well the herbicide works, such as hotter temps, how dry or wet it has been, wether or not the weeds are actively growing, or semi-dormant due to excessive heat and drier conditions, etc.

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