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Increased # effect on trajectory?
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JB44 21-Aug-19
WV Mountaineer 21-Aug-19
Franklin 21-Aug-19
From: JB44
I increased my poundage from 56# to 64# on my Maxxis 31. Seems this is going to drive a sight tape change on my CBE Hybrid TEK 3 pin slider sight. Still huntable at 0-35 with floating top pin matched to 30yds on the sight tape. Beyond that it looks like the sight tape over-compensates for arrow drop and at 40 yds its gonna be unacceptably high impact point.

Is it reasonable that a relatively small poundage change (8#) would affect trajectory that much? I'm shooting a 28" ICS hunter 400 with Nockturnals and 100 grain points and 2" vanes.

I sort of hate to start the whole sight tape selection process over but maybe that is what needs to happen.

Opinions appreciated!

Sounds like with your setup, that’s indeed what happened.

From: Franklin
8 lbs is what % of 56 lbs.....that`s not that small.

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