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Made the Switch to Magnus...
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coelker 22-Aug-19
x-man 22-Aug-19
Bowboy 22-Aug-19
boothill 22-Aug-19
12yards 22-Aug-19
The rookie 22-Aug-19
Bou'bound 22-Aug-19
From: coelker
So the last couple of nights I have been shooting heads to see what I like... I have settled for now on the 125 Stinger 4 Blades. They are flying good. In in my primary bow they are getting about a 2" group @50 yards. In all I am happy, but I have noticed some wind noise. Not much but I can hear it...

Will the same head in the Killer Bee have less noise? I am guessing that I am hearing wind in the cut outs?

I am shooting the head on an Axis Infused Carbon Arrow. Total Arrow Weight with head is right at 400 grains... I am shooting this arrow out of my 70 Switch Back and My Vertix. Both 70 pounds. I notice the head is quieter out of my switchback, off course there is a speed difference.

Any thoughts? Will the Killer Bee fly the same?

From: x-man
They fly the same for me.

From: Bowboy
Been using the Stinger and Buzzcuts for years. They fly like darts and put the animal down quick, if you do your part.

There great broadheads.

From: boothill
I shot 100gr Buzzcuts for years and switched to the 100gr Ser Razrs. The Ser Rzrs do seem to fly quieter than the Buzzcuts in my opinion.

From: 12yards
2" at 50! Wow!

From: The rookie
After reading through the last magnus thread I also switched. I went with the snuffer SS and am very happy with them shooting the target. Fly like darts and made here in the greatest country on gods green earth.

From: Bou'bound
Great heads and company

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