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Buffalo WY Antelop
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Will 22-Aug-19
LKH 22-Aug-19
Ambush 22-Aug-19
shooter 22-Aug-19
Highlife 22-Aug-19
Predeter 22-Aug-19
markr 22-Aug-19
GhostBird 23-Aug-19
walking buffalo 23-Aug-19
JohnMC 23-Aug-19
TreeWalker 23-Aug-19
Scoot 23-Aug-19
Geeman 23-Aug-19
From: Will
Do hunters shoot "Good" goats up near Buffalo WY.


From: LKH
I can only speak of the area sw of buffalo. It's quite high and we killed decent goats but nothing to get excited about. EDIT: We were hunting antelope at over 8,000 feet. We took a lot but nothing big.

From: Ambush
I assume he means speedy goats not climby goats. But maybe you do too.

From: shooter
Lots of them!

From: Highlife

From: Predeter
Lots of goats and sure to be some decent ones, but I wouldn't say the area is known for big antelope.

From: markr
If people would quit calling Antelope "goats" the world would be a better place.

From: GhostBird
Yeah right... I wish people would stop calling transgender him a her... but it ain't gonna happen.

The same goes for calling them Antelope.

Antilocapra Americana - "American Goat-Antelope".

Call them Pronghorns.

From: JohnMC
Goats, antelope, pronghorns they all work and people get the point. Especially when there is a picture next to the thread.

From: TreeWalker
Are pronghorns. Yes, there are pronghorn where the OP is headed. Not known as a trophy zone but with some good feed as the horns form early in the summer then horns will be well above the ears. That is good enough for me.

From: Scoot
"If people would quit calling Antelope "goats" the world would be a better place."

Well... maybe your world. The rest of us don't give two craps what people call em and know exactly what animal people are talking about.

From: Geeman
Not too much in the way of quality anywhere south, north, and east of Buffalo (within 100 miles or so) . West on the other side of the Bighorns there tends to be better quality but harder to draw. Average antelope seems to be around 60-65”

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