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Lending out a garmin inreach
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Hessticles 22-Aug-19
cnelk 22-Aug-19
Scar Finga 23-Aug-19
Vonfoust 23-Aug-19
Hessticles 23-Aug-19
JohnMC 23-Aug-19
BigSky 20-Sep-19
Trial153 20-Sep-19
wildwilderness 20-Sep-19
From: Hessticles
After our alaska hunt this year my buddy wants to take my inreach to Montana, anyone know what I have to do to get it to work with his phone? Or is it a simple bluetooth switch between phones?

From: cnelk
You’re going to want to change your emergency contacts to his. No need for phone in Alaska unless he’s going to do a lot of texting. Just change a few things and give him the unit.

From: Scar Finga
Call InReach, I would temporarily re-assign your device to him. There is a fee, but it is very reasonable! He will get the same coverage you do. They will walk you through the process, but it's pretty easy!

From: Vonfoust
Hey cnelk, can I borrow yours? No need to erase waypoints:)

From: Hessticles

From: JohnMC
My brother and I both used his on my recent hunt. I could connect with bluetooth to my phone and we both use it with our contacts.

From: BigSky
As was said above, have it temporarily assigned to him. There are multiple reasons for doing so, not the least of which is providing him with all functionality if he wishes to use his phone. More importantly is, even though he is a good friend, you would be the one on the hook, financially, if he had a need for emergency rescue. Could you fight that in Court? Maybe. Avoid that cost and drama altogether by having it assigned to him.

From: Trial153
just have him download the earth mate app, then let him sign your sign and and save the save from his phone. Then he pairs it with the unit and your g2g. no needed to make it more complicated and change anything on your accounts.

As mentioned if you have the Rescue insurance it only covers the owner of the inReach. So if they want the emergency coverage you should switch the name, otherwise using it as a texting device is simple.

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