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Sitka vs kuiu vs kifare
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DConcrete 23-Aug-19
JTreeman 23-Aug-19
Brotsky 23-Aug-19
Jims 23-Aug-19
kota-man 23-Aug-19
Matt 23-Aug-19
SBH 23-Aug-19
standswittaknife 23-Aug-19
HDE 23-Aug-19
Ermine 23-Aug-19
'Ike' (Phone) 24-Aug-19
From: DConcrete
What do you guys think of these products up against one another? Pros and cons of all 3? Is this kind of like Mathews vs Hoyt vs bowtech?

From: JTreeman
I’m a bit of angear junkie and own multiple of each brand. I assume you are asking about packs with Kifaru in the mix.

I like the Sitka whitetail packs (and use one) but don’t think they are even in the conversation for real western hunting style packs.

I think Kuiu is offering some pretty competitive products at this point, overall quality has improved and they are certainly feature packed at very competitive price points.

Kifaru I feel is in a different league than the other 2. If you are looking for long term value, and top quality product then Kifaru is the way to go, their frame/suspension is top notch. They offer quite a few different packs at this point, but I still feel they are lacking some in the weight department (little heavy) and in the pockets/layout, I get it, they try to allow for customization with different pockets and pullouts, but I don’t think that is really for everyone.

And to add to your list I think Stone glacier, EXO mountain gear, and Mystery Ranch are worth checking out depending on your preferences and needs.


From: Brotsky
If you are talking packs, I assume you are since Kifaru only makes packs, then there really is no comparison. Kifaru is the best, Kuiu second, and Sitka third. Kifaru is head and shoulders better than the other two. The last two are closer but Kuiu is better IMO.

From: Jims
I have both Sitka and Kuiu that I've used and abused. I have long legs and Sitka pants don't seem to have as high a crotch nor as long a pants over the boots. I've had great luck with Sitka raingear but I have a feeling you can't go wrong with Sitka or Kuiu. Kuiu Teburon pants are super nice during hot weather and their Guides are good for cooler weather. They dry super fast. I actually like Cabela's thicker microtex shirts for cooler weather. I've abused mine and they keep on ticking! I bought a Sitka Fanatic vest last year. It was the only vest I could find that was loaded with insulation and had quiet cloth material that could be worn as an outer. I really like the large pouch and hand warmer pockets. With that said, I use a combination of Sitka and Kuiu.

From: kota-man
Since you listed Kifaru in the mix, I'm guessing you are talking packs. I have nothing to add that JTreeman and Brotsky didn't already say! I'm a big fan of Stone Glacier and Kifaru packs. Both Sitka and KUIU have gotten better in the pack department, but are still light years behind the big pack makers.

From: Matt
Kifaru is more in the league of Stone glacier and Mystery Ranch in terms of packs. Kuiu and Sitka are in a different, lesser league.

From: SBH
What he said^^ in regards to packs. If the question is about clothing....kifaru isn’t even in the conversation.

I have a kifaru and an exo.. rt now I’ll run the exo because I cannot get the kifaru from hurting my back. I know it’s probably me, but when carting 50+ lbs, my exo is light years better for my back..

From: HDE
"Is this kind of like Mathews vs Hoyt vs bowtech?"


From: Ermine
Are you talking clothes or packs? If your talking packs than Kifaru no doubt.

Whichever you choose, just don’t mix and match....That’s a fashion pho pa! Lol

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