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Sitka rain gear
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jdee 23-Aug-19
Predeter 23-Aug-19
Matt 23-Aug-19
Jims 25-Aug-19
From: jdee
About 5 or 6 years ago I bought some Sitka rain gear can’t remember the name of it and there is no name on it other than Sitka. It is good gear and it darn sure keeps you dry but it has Goretx on the inside both the jacket and pants . I’m wondering if the 2019 Sitka or Kuiu is the same ... gortex... or have they come out with something that is better than Gortex, something that breaths ? You know how it is on a hot rainy day wearing a rubber suit. You will stay dry in it though.

From: Predeter
Sitka is still goretex. Kuiu isn't.

You could also look for rain gear made with eVent material, they are supposed to be excellent but I dont have any 1st hand knowledge.

From: Matt
Sitka is owned by Gore which is the Gortex company.

From: Jims
I believe Marmot Precip is the eVent material mentioned above. It breathes well. I've used Precip on numerous Colo, Wyo, and Alaska trips and it has done well when I'm active. It only comes in solid colors but is a fraction of the price of Sitka or Kuiu. You can usually pick Marmot pants and jackets up at Sierra Trading for around $50 each....which is a bargain! The jackets have pitzips….which are a must have in my opinion in a rain jacket. My hunting buddy once had a cheap pair of Cabelas rain pants on and got totally soaked. I let him borrow my Marmot pants and he remained dry for the remainder of the trip. For the price it can't be beat!

With that said, I prefer camo so would likely buy a pair of Sitka or Kuiu on sale. I've used an abused my Sitka Nimbus pants and jacket for around 15 years....and they still work fantastic!

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