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From: Jordanathome

Jordanathome's embedded Photo
Jordanathome's embedded Photo
Reading old hunt recaps and munchin dots helps pass the time.

Lol...I think I’ve looked at every YouTube video about Wyoming Archery Elk there is...

How did I know this was another Jordan thread? LOL! Dude, take a deep breath! ;-)

I knew it before I opened it.. read some recaps about killing. This is your year. Hunt

I can feel it too Jordan! Your year for sure pal. Maybe Lou can give you some tips on naked yoga on a hot rock to relax your nerves. Just no pics please! Lol

From: PoudreCanyon
Those dots look good - save me a couple...

I think we’re all feeling at least a little bit like Jordan right, at least I am. We are almost there big guy.

Jordan, take this FWIW. Your lack of success is becoming a Bowsite legend. Based on your threads, you get so wound up before the season even starts, no wonder you have a tough time “closing the deal.” You put way too much pressure on yourself. Stop and smell the roses! Elk are extremely intelligent creatures, but they’re not magical. They make mistakes just like we do. The trick is being able to keep your emotions under control when they do. When they make that mistake, don’t focus on the outcome, instead focus on the process of making that one perfect shot that you’ve been practicing your whole life for.

This will be your year. With all the positive energy coming from tons of people pulling for you, it’s going to happen!

From: Rickm
Old friend of mine who is a natural born killer said it best regarding elk. "Walk up and stick em"

It ain't rocket science??

Good luck.

It’s Jordan’s year...You got this!

From: jordanathome
26-Aug-19 that has a nice ring to it..........LOL I say go with what you are good at!

I do take exception to "lack of success" simply because I do not measure hunting success in terms of a kill or no kill. I know........perish the thought........anarchy.......TREASON!!!!

But it is the truth. If my personal measure of success was the number of dead animals I had piled up I would have taken up Crochet years ago.

And I do apologize if I seem over wrought and such on BS this time of year. Mostly I do this for my own humor and entertainment. If you take more than 10% of my BS on BS seriously then you are not my audience and you can move along. I am excited for the season to open but I'm on here just to reconnect with old friends, share a bunch of BS, and basically rut all over until its go time. I may exaggerate a bit here and there......okay everywhere.

I do appreciate the positive thoughts. I hope to kill an elk this year, and a deer and a bear and maybe another elk. I have tags to fill. I'm relaxed and ready although I do my best on here to play the character who is anything but.......because it amuses me and I hope it entertains a few of you as well.

Now where there hell is my lucky hat...........

From: 'Ike'
Don't over-think it...Find elk and hunt elk! Not that I'm any good at either....Lol

From: yooper89
I don't mind your threads, Jordan. Love to see the excitement. Hunting and family are the only true passions I have anymore. Sure I enjoy fishing and my Detroit sports, but nothing gets me going quite like hunting - elk especially. I've mentioned it countless times but I work in disaster recovery. I make my money during hurricanes. It just so happens that hurricane season and hunting season coincide, and I've come to the point where I'd rather be hunting than traveling and making more $$. I think I need a new line of work!

Good luck this season. This year is your year.

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